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As per one of the tennis analyst on TV, Novak Djokovic is the most complete player at present in tennis. He has every shot in the books and is the most flexible player amongst the top 4. So I thought it will be interesting to see how he has evolved over the years in his journey  since 2007!

Here are his comments  since 2007. (Notice: Especially the way his confidence level seems to be going up and the positivity in his tone!)

Comments - Novak Djokovic
“I think I've improved a lot. Results are showing that I did everything -- I did everything right like I should do. I like playing here. I like being here. But I never had any big results in Australia. And this year I'm unbeaten still in singles, so it's really good thing.”
I've been trying to work, you know, recently on some elements in my game which I think that are missing so I can be one of the challengers for the No. 1 or No. 2 spot in the world."
Well, look, there is a pressure. But it didn't affect me today, no. I'm still trying to find the rhythm and slowly getting there. 
So physically I'm ready. I mean, I'm moving well, and more or less gamewise overall I think I'm playing good enough tennis to challenge the best players in the world.”
“Hard court. Hard court is my favorite surface. Two finals in US Open and two finals here. It's obvious; results are showing everything.
But, still, I feel I can do well at French Open and Wimbledon.”
I feel that I’m at the peak of my career. I feel that physically, mentally, game-wise, I’m right up there. I can perform equally well on any surface, as I have proven in 2011. That’s my focus. That’s something that I’m thinking of. Just taking it slowly, step by step.  I just believe that I can win, especially against the biggest rivals in the major events. “

What’s interesting is to see how he has gradually reached his goals.His goal in 2007 was to get a big result in AO which he achieved in 2008. Then his goal became to find his rhythm, and challenge the best players in the world which he managed to achieve in 2011. Then his goal was to do well in FO and Wimbledon and achieved the same in 2011 itself.

Now his goal is to repeat the best year (2011) of his career - “But, look, I've done it once. Why not twice? Why not stay optimistic and positive about the whole season? It's a start.”  

Only time can tell us whether he will be able to achieve his new goal or not. But one thing is for sure with hard work and positive attitude; one can achieve his/her goals in life no matter how tough the situations are. Who better an example than Novak Djokovic himself?