9 Beautiful Truths About Life

This is a simple read to make you remember the beautiful truth about life. A quick me up when your day is flat, or things have gone sour.

Remember these beautiful truths about life before you give up.

1 -  The answer are right in front of you

9 beautiful truth about life

Most of the time people fall for the delusion that they're missing some knowledge or some hack or some strategy. You're not.

"The answer you need come through experience and you already know the most of the solutions to your problems. The challenge is that while you know the solutions, you haven't consciously accepted them."

The solutions are sitting stored away in your head and until you do some deep reflection, take a break and chill out, the answer won't come to you.
Rest assured you do have the answers inside of you already whether you have begun to realize that or not.

2 - Video is not the answer, Words are

9 Beautiful Truths about life

Words can be spoken, written or said in front of live audience. The medium doesn't matter - only the words you deliver do.

Words can do most of the talking for you. What you achieve, who you fall in love with and the company you work for are all results that come from your words.

Respect words
Learn words
Use words

Most of all don't underestimate the written word.

3 - Your career doesn't define you

9 Beautiful Truths about life


We are more than our careers. Anyone who judges you solely because of the work yo do is missing the point.

Who you are and how you treat people will always matter more than your career.

It is tempting to judge someone because of the work they do or how much money they make. When you are dead no one remembers that. People remember who you are and how you make them feel.

4 - We can all become our favorite hero

9 Beautiful Truths about life

Please don't spend your whole life worshiping heroes. Whatever your favorite hero did, you can do as well. There is nothing you're missing that will stop you from achieving anything.

Most of the our heroes comes from the darkest place and endured the toughest of challenges - that's probably why they're your hero.

5 - One single person (like you) can change the world

Truths about life

Change always start with a single person.
You have a voice and that's all you need to start change. Change takes time though. If you bunker down and dedicate yourself to change for a few years, you too can change the world.

It took me around three years to start making an impact and it happened a lot quicker than I expected.

Most people that change the world never start out thinking that they will do exactly that.

Seek out your change and use your voice.

6 - There's no one else like you

Truths about life

That's why you can quit comparing yourself to everyone else. You're uniquely you and that's what we all love about you.

Life is not about living the same exact dream as our favorite influencer. 

Life is about living on your own terms.
Maybe it takes to eight tries to get that job.
Maybe you don't start a business until you're 53.
Maybe you decided the same outfit everyday because you hate choice.

These are all decisions you get to make and that's the fun part. When you realize everything is your choice, you see a beauty about life that has been previously hidden from you.

7 - There's nothing wrong with simple

Sometime simple life is looked down upon. Having simplicity in your life means that you can find meaning a lot easier.
The options are less. The focus are laser sharp.

The difference is nothing but effort and a simple meaning gives you the motivation. Don't underestimate the simple life.

Complexity brings problems.

Simplicity brings clarity.

8 - Today's a celebration

You woke up. Not everyone did- some people died overnight. You can breathe, walk and hug your partner. You are healthy and not sitting in a hospital dying of a terminal illness like cancer.
Life is not that bad.

Celebrate life otherwise you'll take it for granted.

9 - You can always start again 

Truths about life

If things don't work out, it's okay. You always get a second chance. There's always more time.

There's no need to hung up on a failure. Start again and learn the lesson and try to do 1% better than you did last time. If you follow the process enough times, you'll eventually achieve your goal.

False start are a sign you're making progress.

"No one wins an Oscar for their first movie"

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