Things to know about self esteem and how it changes life

Self Esteem Basics

Self-esteem refers to the opinion you have for your own self. If you feel you’re competent and kind, good looking, or capable of doing things, this is a sign that you have high self-esteem.

But, if you have negative opinions about yourself and feel that you cannot do your tasks like others do or do not look good, you have low self-esteem. Sometimes, low self-esteem becomes the cause of anxiety and depression.

Therefore, self-esteem refers to how you think about your own self, how worthy you think you are and how much importance you give to yourself. It’s not about bragging about yourself, but knowing that you can do your best, even if you’re not perfect.

The Importance of Self-Esteem

It’s unfortunate that only a few people know the important role that self-esteem plays in their lives. The success that you have in your career depends on the effort that you invest in it. Also, the amount of effort that you invest depends on the level of trust that you have in yourself for successfully achieving your goals. Simply, if you do not believe in yourself that you will succeed, you never will. Besides, it’s next to impossible to get better business opportunities or career promotion if you lack self-esteem.

Low self esteem is often the main reason for disappointments in relationships. People with poor self-worth often experience difficulty in getting along with their partners, it as well as affects their sex life. People with negative images about their selves often feel distrust, jealousy, and problems with intimacy. Some indications of poor self-esteem include the following:

• Feeling of extreme jealousy

• Loss of decision making abilities

• Feeling of not being respected and cherished by their loved ones

• Developing a sense of dependence on others even on simple things

• Always feel pressured while doing tasks

• Display of excessive anger over simple misunderstandings

• Too much worry

• Frustration

• Feeling helpless

• Poor performance at school or the workplace

It’s extremely difficult to experience the joy of life if you have negative thoughts about yourself. If you always feel negative and have low self-esteem, you’ll never realize your success potentials and you’ll never feel happy in life. Even if things around you are perfect, you’ll never have the chance to enjoy them if you always have negative ideas about your own self.

How Self-Esteem Can Change the Life of a Person

A person with high self-esteem sees everything in a positive view and always feels confident and enjoys life. Even if hardships and difficulties come his way, he sees it challenges and never backs down. If you have high self-esteem, you’ll feel confident.

You will not allow other people to treat you in the wrong way or take advantage on you. All people experience ups and downs at some point of their life and it is ok. However, this doesn’t mean that you should back down and have low self-esteem. If you always have the feeling of not being worthy of something, you’ll never have the courage to try new things and succeed in life.

If you feel that you have low self-esteem, you do not need to worry too much as there are ways you can get rid of it and build self-confidence. Jot down the things that make you feel good about yourself, the things that you have done, and the compliments that others have given to you and this will make you feel good about yourself. If you’re an office person, stick notes to your computer or desk “I’m doing well” or “I can do it”.

These messages will be absorbed by your mind. Everyone is gifted with the power to do great things. Everyone is worthy and see to it that you keep these things in mind. Soon, you’ll feel confident and happy.
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