Lack of Interest on Part of Teacher

 (Lack of Interest on Part of Teacher to motivate students for participation in co-curricular activities)

By Farzana  Bukhari


As like other fields many changes occur in education i.e. now education is not based only on theory but there is also a significant space for practical in it. In simple words we can say that theory means our curriculum or co-curricular activities which make the teaching learning process more effective and interesting. The topic of this research is “Lack of interest on part of teacher to motivate students for participation in co-curricular activities.
Which is on of the main issue in education now a days. The researcher selected two schools from public sector one is GGHS. Tarnab farm and other is GGHS Chamkani

1)                 To define co-curricular activities.
2)                 To define its advantages and kinds
3)                 To describe important principles of organizing co-curricular activities.
4)                 To know why teachers show lack of interest to motivate students for participation in co-curricular activities.
5)                 To know why teachers like some of co-curricular activities. 
6)                 To find some suggestions in order to solve this issue.
Researcher has collected data through questionnaire given below


Name:________________________                                     Experience _____________ 

Q1.      Can you mention some of co-curricular activities?

Q2.      Why co-curricular Activities are important to organize at secondary level?

Q3.      Among head master, teacher and student, who play a vital role in organizing these          activities?  
Q4.      Have these activities any adverse effect on studies of students at secondary level? 
Q5.      Do you think today’s political and economic condition of our country affect these           activities?
Q6.      Following is the list of co-curricular activities. Write the cause of your interest or            lack of interest to motivate the students for participation.

Co-curricular activities
Cause of interest
Cause of lack of interest
Physical activities
a.       Athletics
b.      Games

Literary and academic activities
a.        Dramatics
b.        Debates
c.        Scientific club
d.        Story and Essay writing

Social service activities
a.        Scouting
b.        Girl guiding

Civic training activities
a.       School/ Bank
b.      Student council
c.       Assembly
Celebrating festivals.

  1. Gathering
  2. Photography
  3. Friendship
  4. Toy making

Cultural activities
a.       Drawing
b.      Painting
c.       Folk songs
d.      Dancing’
e.       Community activities

Multipurpose activities
a.        Excursion and trips
b.        Decoration, beatifying schools,
Preparation of charts and models.

Pre-school the purpose of education was confined to the teaching of subjects of curriculum. The social activities were regarded as ‘extras’. A weak student had no right to go to the playgrounds or to functions. Gradually, this attitude of hostility changed into that of indifference. These activities were not supervised nor any guidance was given. But now the concept of education has changed. All round development of the child is the theme of new education. Modern education recognizes that when the child comes to the school, he comes in mentally, physically, spiritually, socially and vocationally and a such he must be educated in all of them. Now it is recognized that these activities are valuable media for developing proper attitudes, habits, interests, and ideas among pupils. Because of their importance in education, they have been renamed a co-curricular activities as they form an integral part of the school curriculum in their organization, therefore, need just much care and fore thought.
1.      Proper integration of co-curricular activities with curricular activities.
2.      Adequate planning
3.      Provision of adequate equipment and accommodation.
4.      Proper distribution of activities among the staff members.
5.      Proper recording of these activities.
6.      Proper control of expenditure
(Arbab Khan Afridi, School Organization)

The number and kinds of activities to be recognized will depend upon the size and the financial resources of the school, the number and special capacities of the teachers who have to guide and advise pupil, and upon the interest, support and special conditions of the localities in which the schools are situated. Each school will have therefore, to select the form of activity most suitable to its special conditions having regard to the above factors.
Advantages of co-curricular activities:
The values of co-curricular activities are multifarious and important from educational points of view. The various advantages of these activities may be discussed under the following heads.
Physical Advantages
There are many co-curricular activities like games, sports, athletics, scouting, hiking, etc. which are helpful for the growth and development of the body. Many activities provide healthful channel for the superfluous energy of the pupils. They also contribute to the sound health, physical development, vital powers healthful habitats, vocational, efficiency and personal happiness.
Most of the co-curricular activities have immense psychological values. There are many strong instincts in the adolescents and unless they are submitted, these instincts create a large number of psychological problems For example, the gregarious instinct unless directed to fruitful tasks through self government, community work, social service and other group works, might find its expression in student unrest; gang activities and other anti-social activities. All the instincts of self-assertions self-abasement, curiosity, constructiveness acquisitiveness, sex and gregariousness find desirable expression through these co-curricular activities. Rather these activities play an important role in training emotions.
 Academic Value:
Every academic programme should have two aspects. (i) Theoretical, and (ii) practical. Most of the classroom activities today are theoretical in character. Unless they are supported as well as supplemented by practical activities the learning experiences will be lop-slides. Co-curricular activities provide practical experiences adequately. For example, theoretical discussion in geography, social studies, sciences and language studies can be supplemented by learning experience through excursions, library will be more meaningful and lively, if activities like elections for self-students government, mock assembly, etc can be organized in the school effectively.
Social value:
Most of the school activities have social implications. Through the activities which are mostly co-operative in nature call for social traits like co-operation, mutual help, understanding, fellow-feeling, tolerance and sharing responsibility. Pupils learn these traits very easily. They acquire group loyalty to the school, loyalty to the family, loyalty to the nation and loyalty to the world. The specific social activities which provide social training are Scouting Girls, Red Cross, Community Work, Social Service camps, etc.
Aesthetic Value:
It is essential to promote a sense of beauty and appreciation in the pupil. To develop artistic- sensibility, ie. aesthetic — attraction to beauty--- beauty in himself, beauty in the home, beauty in the school or beauty in the environment in general is one of the objectives of education. But, aesthetic sensibility cannot be learn t through text books or speeches, it has to be learnt in life, activities in habits and in conduct. It can not be taught it is caught. That is why, school. should provide adequate opportunities for developing sense of beauty and artistic outlook. Drawing, painting, decoration, toy making, clay modeling, preparation of charts and models not only express, but also develop aesthetic sensibility in the children.

Recreational Value:
Modern culture is evaluated by the criteria of leisure time activities. It is said that one’s culture is known by the way his leisure is used. Unless the students are taught how to utilize their leisure most usefully. They cannot contribute to cultural growth satisfactorily and enjoy their life to the optimum. On the other hand, they may engage themselves in anti-social activities and waste their time and energy in gossiping, gambling, wandering aimlessly reading obscene books and visit if ugly pictures. Therefore, students should be encouraged to participate in arts, symposium, debates, discussions, exhibition games and sports and other hobbies, so that they can learn the methods and means of utilizing their leisure through recreational and creative activities.
The school assembly:
It is a good practice in the progressive schools to begin the day’s work with a morning assembly. On this occasion, the entire school population assembly for a common prayer and then talks from the headmasters or from other teachers. This prayer should be general in character without any denominational reference. Besides, prayer songs, some patriotic songs. may be recited. This occasion is also utilized for making announcements - regarding -they, ‘day’s program particularly competitions, ‘1 celebrations, timetable, etc. Here, the students get themselves familiar with three rules, regulations, ideals and practices of- the school and thus are acquainted, with the community spirit and image, of the school. Some students and teachers’ take the opportunity to announce the local regional national as well as international news.

Debates, Discussions, Seminars and symposia:
With a view to promoting expression intellectual powers, debates, discussions, seminar. and symposia should organized in the school adequately These activities provide pupils with the opportunities of collecting information, organizing, ideas, presenting facts, speaking effectively and conducting before the audience properly The pupils get confidence and speak with the presence of mind, learn, oratory or art of elocution through participation in these activities.
Dramatics is a playful activity in which both creative expression and artistic imitation combine. As the pupil plays varied roles, he satisfies his internal urge to play and, imitate, ‘Through this activity he expresses himself and funds enjoyment. ‘It, therefore, helps maintaining his mental health and, as ‘such it ‘is of great therapeutic value. It provides opportunities for the release of pent up emotions, for improving speech and other qualities of elocution.
Boy scouting and Girls guides:
Scouting is meant for the boys in the age-group from 11 to 18. every scout takes a solemn oath to obey the scout. Law which consists of ten rules relating to honour, loyalty, obedience, friendliness, courteousness, cheerfulness, usefulness, thrift and cleanliness. He puts on a special uniform and learns the use of ropes and sticks, learns first aid and social service, organizes . camp fires and field trips, learns to lead camp life and to live corporate life and gets himself trained to lead an independent life but, with team spirit. The Girl Guide on the other hand, leas activities like cooking, nursing, singing, drill, social service and first aid..
Educational Travel:
There has been in recent years an increased amount of school travel particularly by senior classes. This travel in some, instances has been made possible by school buses. In some instances the amount of time taken for the trip and the amount of expense involved have been thought to be excessive and the project of the long trip has been abandoned.
Different policies are used for financing such travel. Sometimes a class or club uses funds accumulated through social events, sales of commodities or receipts from an entertainment to offset the charges in part or complete Although the possible “ contributions of planned tours to individual students and to the school they represent rare obvious, care must be’ exercised’ that tour do not require too large expenditures of student and faculty time, energy and money.
School Publication:
The school magazine, newspaper or annual furnishes the means for the other form of literary expression, viz, the written. The school publication provides a natural and powerful motive for practice in the art of written expression. Pupils, who have ideas to express and the desire to share them with others, find in the periodical school publication a natural medium for communication.
Athletic Activities:
Sports, games and athletics should be organized in the school in order to help pupils in the conservation of their health, development of habits, promoting their personality, traits – like alertness, confidence, judgment, co-operation, team spirit and so on. Athletic activities help developing all-round personality of the pupils and train in citizenship qualities. That is why, play grounds is called the cradle of democracy.
(S.M. Shahid, School Administration)

·        The first question is that: Can you mention some of co-curricular activities/ as the question is not difficult and every teacher know the co-curricular activities but purpose was just to warm up the mind of repliers. The essence of ten answers to this question in which co-curricular activities are mentioned are debates, quiz, programes, dramatics girls guide, story and essay writing sports Naat Competition etc.
·        About the importance of organizing co-curricular activities variety of answers are obtained like 50% teachers expressed their view that these activities are important to organize because it helps in over all development of child and also improve and develop skill of a child, 20% out of them said that it develops managerial quality of a child and also make him more social, 10% replied that these activities make a child active confident and make him able to face any problem. Remaining 20% mention that organization of these activities enable the students to escape from routine of school life. And provides a break and make them fresh. And also create a jolly and friendly atmosphere at school.
Table – 1
S. No.
Views of respondents
%age of respondents
It help to improve skills and over all development of children
It develops managerial quality in a child and make him more social
These activities make a child active confident and make him able to face any problem
These activities enable the student to escape from daily routine of school life and make them fresh
·        In fact Head master, teacher and students are just like a triangle. Is there any unity required among them for organization of co-curricular activities at secondary level? Most of the answers to this questions are same i.e, 60% f teachers expressed their views that all of three play a vital role in organization of these activities. 20% replied that teacher is just like a bridge between headmaster and student so easily convince the Headmaster to organize co-curricular activities and can motivate students take part in these activities. Remaining 20% thought that as headmaster is all in all so he or she plays vital role in this regard.
Table - 2
S. No.
Views of respondents
%age of respondents
All of three play important role in organizing these activities at secondary level
Teacher play important role who can easily convene headmaster for its organization and student for motivation
Head master play important role in its organization because in school he or she is all in all

·        Question No 4 is that have these activities any adverse effect on studies of students at secondary level? As these activities are very important for the overall development of a child but when a child leave the elementary level of education and enters the secondary level education, he faced to study difficult and lengthy courses. So only 20% favor these activities organization at secondary level. While rest of teachers expressed different views against it. Like 60% said that as coerces at secondary level are more difficult and lengthy so it wastes time of students. The teacher who expressed this view teaches maths English, urdu and science subjects 20% thought that to some extent these activities effect studies.
Table 3
Adverse effect of these activities on studies of student
S. No.
Answers of respondents
%age of respondents
These activities have no adverse effect on studies of students at secondary level
It is wastage of time
To some extent these activities effect the studies of students

·        Question No 5 is that is there any affect of political and economic condition of our country on these activities? All the teacher address this question differently, 30% said that there is no political stability in our country and great fluctuation in prices. So both of these factor like other field also effect these activities. 40% answered the question that as mainly our province and specially Peshawar is target of terrorism. So environment of our province is not favourable for these kind of activities. Remaining 30% claimed that there is no effect of politics and economic on these activities

Table 4
Effect of political and economic crises on these activities
S. No.
Answers of respondents
%age of respondents
Political instability and fluctuation of prices effect these  activities organization
KPK is target of terrorism so environment is not favourable for these activities
No effect of politics and economy on it

·        Question No 6 is based on seven kinds of co-curricular activities. And there are two columns for teachers to expressed their  views why they are interested in these activities and why they are not interested in these activities.
6.1             In table first question is about physical activities i.e. athletics and Games. 70% teachers expressed their views that there are many causes of lack of interest in these activities like there is no enough area for physical activities so teacher can not allow students in games period for playing any game. Because it cause disturbance.  
Secondly courses at secondary level are more difficult and lengthy. So mostly teacher of maths and English utilize this time and teach her subject to students. One of cause is also that now there is no competition of physical activities at district level. And with out competition motivation and struggle for any thing is impossible. As for as athletics is concern . we practice this game at school level. But we cannot motivate a good athlete girl to carry this game at high level because of religious restrictions. So this point discourage the teacher to motivate the student for this game.
30% teachers admit that teacher should try to motivate students for taking part in these activities because through physical activities student learn to face failure and try to improve her self.

6.2             In question number six second part is based on literacy and academic activities. 50% teacher showed lack of interest in science club and dramatics because these activities are time consuming. And there is also lack of cooperation of other staff members. Who do not allow students for preparation of these activities. These activities are to some extent expensive and money consuming. Rest of 50% teachers claimed that these activities are important for developing skills and inner potentialities of students. It helps in improving writing and language power of students. Students learn to cope with others and gain self confidence. Each story have a good lesson in it and student learn more from it.
6.3             In question No. 6 the third co-curricular activity is social services activities. In these activities GGHS concern with girl guiding. 100% of teachers showed lack of interest in this co-curricular activity because in this participant students must visit the guide house.
As  now – a – days safety problem is increasing so teachers avoided to convince or motivate students to take part in girl guiding.
6.4             In question no. 6.4 is about school bank, student council, assembly and celebrating festivals. About school bank and students council all of teachers said that these activities are not common in practice at secondary level. So there is  unawareness about it. In very exceptional case teachers used student counseling. About assembly 100% teachers showed interest they said assembly is useful activity. It helps in religious and moral development. A good source of conveying message to all the students at one time and there is no finance required for it. One important point about assembly is also that it devil manarizm, discipline and unity among students that’s why teachers showed interest in this.
6.5             5th co-curricular activity is hobbies like gathering, photography friends ship and toy making. As 10% of teachers claimed that these activities are good for developing esthetic sense, make students well behaved but  rest of teachers said that these activities are time consuming, expensive and required more skill full teachers.
6.6             Next co-curricular activities are cultural activities. In cultural activities drawing, painting, fold song dancing and community activities. 100% teachers said that drawing is good co-curricula activity which help student in curricular activities. But as for as painting is concern 100% teachers showed lack of interest because it is a difficult and expernsive activity. It required skill full and trained teacher. And on the other hand as we know in govt schools students are not from rich families so this activity can not introduced in schools. About singing and dancing 100% teachers expressed their views that  these activities are prohibited in Islam that’s why teachers do not motivate students for it. All of teachers also showed lack of interest in community activities. Because in these activities students go out side the school and involve in community activities and teachers do not take responsibility of student in this regard and always try to avoid there kind of co-curricular activities.
6.7             At the end the question is about multipurpose activities. In this first co-curricular activity is excursion and trips and other is beautifying schools, preparation of charts and models, 100% teachers showed lack of interest in tips because now a days there is lack of safety and environment in KPK is not secure. So teachers avoid to plan any trip for students. And funds are not enough or head mistress also avoid to use funds for this purpose. While activity of beautifying school is easily applied in schools at secondary level. And teachers showed their interest in it. Because not expensive and easily manageable activity.
Table – 5
Co-curricular activities
Reason of interest
Lack of interest
Physical activities games athletics
Student learn to face failure and try to improve
1)     No enough area / cause discipline problem
2)     Waste time
3)     No competition at district level
4)     No future cor athletics religious restriction
Literary and academic activities
1)        Important for developing skills and inner potentialities
2)        Improve writing
3)        Give confidence to students
4)        Each story give a good and moral lesson
1)      Science club and dramatics are time consuming
2)      Lack of co-operation of staff
3)      Expensive
Social services activities
Girls guide

In girls guide participant students must visit guide house. So teachers avoid to motivate students for it in order to escape from taking responsibility of students.
a)      school/ bank
b)     student council
c)  Assembly
a+b) Is good for solving personal problems of students.
c) Useful activity, religious and moral development source of conveying message, no need of finance.

a) and (b) are not common in practice and unawareness about it.
a)      gathering
b)     photography
c)     friendship
d)     toy making
Developing esthetic sense and make students Gregarious
Time consuming expensive, required more skillful teachers.
a)                  Activities drawing
b)                 Painting
c)                 Folk songs
d)                 Dancing
e)                 Community activities
a) Drawing helps in curricular activities
b)     difficult and expensive required skillful teacher
C+D: singing and dancing is prohibited in Islam
c)     these activities are usually done outside the school.


Multi purposes activities
a)      excursion trips
b)     Decorating school
b) An easy and interesting task, common in practice
a) Lack of safety, great responsibility, lack of funds


1)     All of the respondent teachers know about the co-curricular activities that are debates, quiz programmes, dramatics girl guide, story and essay writing, sports, and naat competition etc.
2)     Co-curricular activities are important to organize at school level because it develops skills, managerial quality, and confident. I also make a student gregarious. It brings enjoyment in daily life of a student.
3)     As in school head master, teacher and students are just like a triangle. But in organization of co-curricular activities 10% teachers think that all play important role, 90% thinks that teacher play important role and remaining 20% thinks head master is responsible for organizing any kind of activity in school.
4)     These activities are good for over all development of a child but when a child enters secondary level. He study difficult courses. So 40% farour these activities at secondary level while 60% said that these activities waste time of students.
5)     30% claimed that there is no effect of political and economic in stability on organization of these activities. While 40% thinks that political and economic in stability greatly effects the organization of these activities. Remaining 30% said that due to terrorism teachers do not take interest in organization of these activities because lack of security outside the school and psychological disturbance also stop the teachers for his.
6)     Due to lack of area teachers avoid to motivate students for games. Which cause discipline problem in school.
7)     As for as athletics is concerned. There is no bright future for girls in Pakistan and not permitted in Islam.
8)     As scientific claps and dramatics are time and money consuming so most of teaches were not in its favour. Mostly all the teacher show interest in story and essay writing because they think that it can help greatly in co-curricular activities.
9)     As for as social services are concern most of the teacher show lack of interest in girl guide. Because there are visits outside the school in girl guide and teachers are no willing to take any responsibility of students in this regard.
10)All of teachers show interest in school assembly because it is a good source of conveying message. It also helps in imparting and sharing knowledge about religion.
11) In schools the money which is collected from the students in form of fine is used mostly classroom by girls for fulfilling their small requirements and for decorating their class.
But most of the fin and profit canteen is handed over to principal and she used it for school by herself. There is no awareness about student counseling.
12) Most of the hobbies are time consuming and also money consuming. As courses at secondary level are more difficult and lengthy so teacher does not compromise on giving time to co-curricular activities.
13)As a Muslim teaches never  convince for motivate the students for singing or dancing. All of the teachers liked to motivate the students for drawing which is helpful in curricular activities, while they think painting is an expensive activity which required a skillful teacher.
14) In multipurpose activities all of the teacher show lack of interest in picnics and trips because of the insecurity and lack of funds.
15) All the teachers show interest in beautifying school. According to then i is an easy and interesting job which is common in practice.

1)                 These activities should placed in daily time table.
2)                 If principal assign a teacher the duty of organizing co-curricular activity so he should be given some relaxation for his other curricular activities.
3)              Same like curricular activities principal try his best to appreciate the teacher organizer  in order to encourage him. This appreciation may be inform of any certificate which can be given in annual day of the school.
4)                 Principal should always generously spend funds on organizing there activities. Because when the  teacher organizer does not face any economic problem he take interest in organizing these activities and motivating students.
5)                 Co-operation of the other staff o the school is very important because it encourages the teacher organizer to motivate students for participating in co-curricula activities.
6)                 As there are two grammar period of English and urdu per week. So if a teacher give practice to students in writing stories and essays. He will able to prepare students for story and essay writing competition in advance and can save the time.
7)                 If the area of the school is not enough for sports and during school hours teacher does not allow the students for playing any sports in order to avoid disturbance and discipline problem. If she select the girls for any game. And organize small competitions among them. The suitable time for these competition is after break. At that time other students of school can also be allowed for seeing and enjoying competition this will inspire and encourage other students. To take part in it. And teacher will able to prepare students for any competition at high level.

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4)                 Shahid S.M. School organization and administration
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