Djokovic/Tsonga: Career Statistics & Wimbledon Men's Semifinal Preview: Part 2

Shocking as it was to see Fed tumbling out in QF, we cannot take away the glory from Tsonga who has been knocking on the doors of tennis since long but could not sustain because of his injuries.

Novak Djokovic vs. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga:
Both of these players have one thing in common: they have managed to defeat Federer in a Grand Slam in five setters. 

Djokovic who has been the player of the year so far had a topsy turvy QF ride against the young talented Tomic. One match here and there does not take away the fact that he has been playing the best tennis of his career this year. With Federer gone (who proved to be a thorn in French Open), he will be a bit relieved and more confident of reaching the finals and claiming No.1 spot in the world. 
He has Tsonga in his path who is singing his own song after playing the match of his life. Tsonga will be brimming with confidence. He is the same person who defeated Nadal at Queens this year and with Federer also in his list, he knows he has the game to defeat Djokovic too. Plus he is the crowd favorite whose victory dance has become quite famous with the fans.

But Djokovic who is the best returner in the game right now will not allow him to go away with easy points on his serve. And he will be well prepared for power hitting by Tsonga after seeing Federer lose his way in the third set of QF. It will all depend on how prepared Djokovic is to handle the pressure of World no.1. Will he crumble or rise? Time will tell us.

  Let’s Look at their Career Statistics:
Novak Djokovic
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Current Ranking
World no.2
World no. 19
Head to Head Record
Grand Slam Record
Wimbledon Record
First Meeting
2011 Win Loss Record
Career W/L Record
Titles (2011)

Tsonga is leading Djokovic with a 5-2 record but that was before Djokovic started his dream run this year. Last match was played in Australian Open 2010, where Tsonga defeated Nole in 5 sets. That was before Djokovic’s uprisal in Davis Cup in 2010. It will be an interesting match to see two gutsy players playing it out with serves and winners.

Novak Djokovic: "I can play a lot better than I did. I've been up and down but now it's going to go up”
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: "I'm the type of player who likes these big I hope I can have some more”

My Opinion: Novak Djokovic will come out to be the winner if only he is ready to take on the responsibilities of being World no.1
1)  He has been playing best tennis of his career (46-1) (Also he is currently the best returner in the game with no weakness in his game).
2) He will be better prepared for Tsonga’s serve and power hitting. Also he will have the psychological edge of not playing Federer in the Semi Final which will in turn make him feel relieved and play his natural game.

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