Djokovic Demolishes Nadal To Become The New Wimbledon Champion

Article first published as Djokovic Demolishes Nadal To Become Wimbledon Champion on Technorati.(Author Apeksha HA)

Q. What does it take to defeat the person who has :
- won 20 of his last matches at Wimbledon,
- won 4 out of 5 of his last Slams played,
- won 10 grand slams titles,
- won 2 of his last Wimbledon played,
has defeated you 5 times in Grand Slams finals?

Ans. You need to name yourself Novak Djokovic, who has now defeated Nadal in last 5 matches in 6 months. He is now 48-1 this year and after 4 years of being no.3 since 2007, he is officially World no.1 and has won 2 grand slams this year.

It all started with the victory in Davis Cup at Belgrade and what an amazing year Djokovic is having, and to win his first Wimbledon Championship against Nadal, he has finally stamped his authority on World No. 1 ranking. He is currently the best player in the world and after today’s scintillating performance, there has been no doubt in anyone’s mind that Djokovic-the-future-of-tennis is here.

He won in 4 sets: 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3

But the score line does not show the kind of dominance he had on Nadal throughout the match except the third set. It was more of a battle of minds out there with Nadal being outplayed in his own game by Djokovic. To sum it up: Djokovich is Nadal of 2008: Defense as strong as Nadal but with Better Offense.

When was the last time, Nadal seemed perplexed, lost in the match? It was just breathtaking to see Djokovic hit winners consistently and outplay probably the best player in the world for last 3 years. He got in the head of Nadal and for the first time Nadal was out of answers in a grand slam final.  Djokovic is now the second player to defeat him in a Grand Slam final after Federer.

In the first set, the game was up there with Djokovic 5-4 up and Nadal serving at 30-30. Two winners from Djokovic and the set was sealed. Although both the players took a lot of time between the serve points, Djokovic destroyed Nadal in the second set in 33 minutes 6-1.

But the fighting spirit that Nadal is known for came to display in the third set. Nole appeared to be under a bit of pressure and Nadal pounced upon him taking the set 6-1.

Djokovic went up 2-0 in the fourth set only to see Nadal fight back to 2-2. At 4-3, it all started with a double fault at Nadal’s serve and a backhand miss proved costly for Nadal as Djokovic took advantage and sealed the game with his shots to get a break up. Djokovic finally won the fourth set and match on his serve, 6-3 keeping his cool.

I had said earlier too that Nadal need to be vary of Djokovic returns and his ability to generate break points. That's what happened today. To sum up the match: 15 unforced errors and only 21 winners by Nadal as compared to 12 unforced and 27 winners by Djokovic. Djokovic won 38% of the receiving points and even Nadal after the match said “probably he is the best returner in the game”.

Djokovic’s family was in tears after the match and in Djokovic’s words: “A couple of good days at office” on becoming World No.1 and Wimbledon champion. : “The best day of my career and life”.  Not only for him but also to all the fans all around the world, this was a joyous moment. It goes on to show that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything in the world, even defeat the best player.

What was today seen on the center court was something special, a match to be remembered. They say History has a way of repeating: It all started with Nadal (no.2 seed) winning in 2008 against the favorite: Federer and today we saw it again: Djokovic (no. 2 seed) winning against the favorite: Nadal.

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