5 simple tips for Time Management

                                       Time Management

time management

What is time management ??

Time management is the process of organizing your time between specific activities or how you plan your day. especially to increase effectiveness,productivity, efficiency, to save time for some other important work. Time management make you smarter and keeps you focus, reduce stresses.

Why  time management??

Time management  is very important aspect in our life. If you see the people who are successful in their life or career all knows very well about time management and they know how to manage time very well. Our time is divided in present, past and future, you see many people who cry for past and worry about future rather than making their present. A wise man never cry for past and never worry for future, he just care of present only because he knows the importance of present and he does the work very effectively, and successfully.

How to manage time?? 

Present is the only moment that decide your future so whatever you do in present that matters you. Before moving to how to manage time ?? we need to understand what type of people to manage time.
there are two type of people to manage time first who they do the work systematically if they have 4 works the do one by one they do not think about priority of work and when to do. These type of people called mono-chronic people
Second who work systematically but they do the work with priority
and they know which work is very important. If required they can do many work at a time also. These type of people called poly-chronic people. these type of people are very intelligent and sharp in handling the work. you decide which category you belong??
Now moving on to topic How to manage time?? there are some very important tips you should follow to time management.

Tip 1.

Prepare a To do list Not to do list

Take a note book with you and make list of work to do with priority of the work like when to do, what to do and when to do and whenever get and idea and work to do immediately write down and in same way prepare a list of what not to do list like what make your time waste, social media, mind wasting , energy wasting, am not telling you strictly but access of any thing will make your time waste, do it these thing but in limited way that also you can mention in to do list.

Tip 2.

Set  Goals

If you want to manage time always keep goals in your mind that help you to be attentive and focused without wasting your time surely you will achieve what you want. Set your short term goals and long term goal you will not waste your time if you do not have goals in your mind simply you will waste your time. time management is not possible without setting goals. People think tomorrow i will do, day after tomorrow i will do but time never comes. For setting a goal very important thing is planning, strategy, always plan a goal properly. You may think i do not have time, i can not do. Think just its matter of 10 minutes or 30 minutes like that just think the word its matter of  that make you feel relax stress free.

Tips 3.

Plan everyday in advance

There is a formula for time management which is called 6p. It means Proper Prior Planing Prevent Poor Performance. proper planning before doing a work can save hours. Because some time without planning create many confusions so you can finish your work earlier without any problem.

Tip 4.

Delegate the works

Pick right person for the work. Picking wrong person may lead to failure of the work and it will waste your time.Match the requirement of jobs to the abilities of the person be sure that the person you delegate the work to is capable of doing the job.

Tip 5.


Honestly follow all above tips and always be happy and keep smiling. ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

How do you benefit from your time management ?? tell me in comment box

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