Introduction of Educational Research

Introduction of Educational Research

Meaning of research: search again and again.
Word Origin & History, As per the Webster Online dictionary, the word research is derived from the Middle French “recherche”, which means “to go about seeking”, the term itself being derived from the Old French term “recerchier” a compound word from “re-” + “cerchier”, or “sercher”, meaning ‘search’. The earliest recorded use of the term was in 1577.

Definitions of Research
The main goal of research is the gathering and interpreting of information to answer questions
 (Hyllegard, Mood, and Morrow, 1996).
Research is a systematic attempt to provide answers to questions
(Tuckman, 1999).
Research may be defined as the systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, or theories, resulting in prediction and possible control of events
(Best and Kahn, 1998).
“Educational Research is the systematic application of scientific method for solving educational problem”
(Mouly) ‖
“Educational Research is the activity for developing science of behavior in educational situations. It allows the educator to achieve his goals effectively”‖ (Travers)
According to Whitney,
 ―Educational Research aims at finding out solution of educational problems by using scientific philosophical method.
Generally, educational research is defined as research that investigates the behaviour of students, teachers, administrators, parents and other members of the community who interact with educational institutions.
The major concern of educational research is to understand, explain and  to some extent predict and control human behaiour.
The main purpose of educational research is to improve teaching learning process and suggest effective steps for the proper utilization of educational resources
              Educational research
              Educational research refers to a variety of methods, in which individuals evaluate different aspects of education including but not limited to: “student learning, teaching methods, teacher training, and classroom dynamics”.
Need for Research
Research is needed for the understanding of the personality and the development of personality which is the main aim of education
Education deals with all kinds of subjects and to understand the relationship between education and these subjects research is very necessary
Education as a science deal with growth and development and the laws of learning, theories of administration and planning 
The effectiveness of the teacher by research
As art it play a vital role in the area of teaching, how to improve teaching and how a teacher could manage a classroom.
It deals with educational problems regarding students and teachers.
It uses classrooms, schools, colleges department of education as the laboratory for conducting research.
Research is needed for producing  good worker for the society and country by assessing the future need
Man want to know himself and for that he need research to dig up the history
The need to improve education by introducing new polices and plans through research
Improve Practice
Research can suggest ways of improving practice that have been verified with many applications and by many different types of people, which is difficult for teachers.
Add to Knowledge
Research can add, to what we know about how people learn and what we can do to support the learning process.
Address Gaps in Knowledge
Research can address areas in which little information is available, like the effects of online versus traditional classroom learning.
Expand Knowledge
Research can allow us to extend what we know in ways we never imagined.
Replicate Knowledge
Research can act as a test to verify previous findings.
Add Voices of Individuals to Knowledge
Research can add an important perspective for different learning types. research helps revise theory and practice to reflect different student needs.
Asking New Questions
Research always seek new questions about teaching, learning and curriculum
Research bring objectivity in education it remove the opinion of few persons or thoughts and formulate it according to the need of society and country
Bring Education Reform
With the changing  times it bring new reform to education polices and teaching learning process
Create sense of awareness
Research bring awareness in the society to improve the quality of education and education institutions in the country and look for new ways to improve the skills of the teacher and students
Research bring confidence in teacher
Research base teaching bring respect for teachers, it help to improve the teaching skills of the teacher and lead the teacher to adapt new methods for teaching
Research Need for selection
Research help the society what to teach and what not to teach.
Selection of the curriculum  for teaching and selection of students for the right subject
Research is a way of thinking and to qualify as a research it needs to have certain characteristics such as follows (adaptation of Leedy, 1993, Borg & Borg, 1983)
Research begins with a question in the mind of the researcher.
You need only to look around and everywhere you see phenomena which will arouse your interest. For  example, why are children in this school unable to read?  Why are girls performing better than boys? These are situations in which the meaning of which you do not understand. 
            Research for studying the child
The knowledge of child psychology is very necessary for the teaching learning process and it is only possible through research in education institutions under the supervision of the psychologist and a good researcher
                        Research  Give us feedback
Research give us feedback on every step of education, the quality of teacher, the quality of curriculum, the behavior of the students, policies and planning and the need for the future
By asking relevant questions we create an environment which is essential for research. Research arises from a question that is intelligently asked with regards to a phenomenon that the researcher observes and is   confusing him.
Research requires a plan.
One does not discover the truth or explanations about a phenomenon without serious and careful planning.  Research is not just by looking-up something in the hope of coming across the solution to your problem. Rather it needs a certain plan, direction and design
Research demands a clear statement of the problem.
Successful research begins with a clear, simple statement of the problem. The statement of the problem should be stated precisely and grammatically complete,         cont….
must set forth what it seeks to discover and enables one to see what one is attempting to research
Research deals with the main problem through sub-problems.
Divide the main problem into appropriate sub-problems, all of which when resolved will result in the solution of the main research problem.
Research seeks direction through appropriate hypotheses
Having stated the problem and the related subproblems, the subproblems are then each viewed through logical constructs called hypotheses
.A hypothesis is a logical reasonable guess, an educated estimation which may give direction to thinking with respect to the problem, and thus, aid in solving it.
Research deals with facts and their meaning.
Having defined the problem, the subproblems and hypothesis, the next step is to collect whatever facts related to the problem. Organise the data collected into a form that is potentially meaningful. 
Scope of research in Education
The scope of research refers to how far the research area has explored
The scope of research in the field of education is very vast. It includes; efficiency of the educational institutions, securing benefits of the educational institutions through practical measures,
clarification of the functions and coordination of the educational programs, sound educational planning, good direction, efficient and systematic execution.
Research provides close collaboration and sense of sharing responsibilities, organized purpose and dynamic approach.
Explore new methods of coordination in student-teacher-parents-society.
Research provides well defined policies and programs, favorable teaching learning situation, growth and development of human beings, make use of appropriate materials,
effective development of human qualities, execution of the programs, arrangement of the activities, efforts for attainment of the objectives etc.
Psychology of the teachers and their problem are the main concern of the researchers because with out good and satisfied teachers one cant expect good education from the teachers
The area of curriculum is also the focus of the research, what to teach, what should be the objectives and goals of the curriculum
Psychology of students
Students behavior is the most important aspect of the researchers to study and find their emotional and educational problem
Reforms/ amendments
Place for reforms and amendments
Discipline in educational institutions  is the most important factor in the process of teaching and learning which need research.
Classroom management
Classroom management is all of the things that a teacher does to organize students, space, time, and materials so that instruction in content and learning can take place (Wong, 1991).
Teaching methods
Research is discovering new method of teaching.

Educational environment

Home Enivernment
 Type of education system
Continuous evaluation help in the improvement of school and teaching learning process
 Parents and society role in the process of education
Resources Management:
 Research in the field of resource management, Providing, arranging funds and resources for teaching learning process
Supervision and supervisor
Good education is result of good supervision upon the side of a good supervisor and to find the new method for supervision need research
Education planning
How to plan and what to plan for the education system need research. Research explore new methods and give new ideas for the betterment of educational planning.
How to involve community in the supervision of school and teaching learning process need research

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