A Successful Relationship: How to Make a Healthy Habit to Make Your Relationship Good

What is a Successful Relationship? What does a Successful Relationship look like? There are many such questions in our life.

Often, my friends and I use words such as Healthy or Successful when describing Goal during my conversation. Many of my friends share their conflicts and frustration in the beginning. It is not uncommon to hear."The way we argue is unhealthy, we need communication, so that we can make a Successful Relationship".

A common misconception is that your relationship will become even better by communicating more. Communicating in a relationship is a good thing, but your relationship is also depend upon some other factors, though Communication is a Key Factor, so that you can understand each other in Relationship and deepen your Connection, but in my opinion That's just communicating with a Successful Relationship can not be made.


So the question is, what has to be done to create a successful relationship and how?

Unfortunately, a Successful Relationship does not have a finish line and it is more about a deep sense of security than a specific achievement. It challenges our traditional definitions "Success" and it starts when two people know and understand themselves (or are constantly open to try). Developing a Successful Relationship develops when two people share their emotions without fear. This happens when both partners really understand their Emotions, Needs, Behaviors and Insecurities. Only after knowing all this, any relationship can be made better. So I suggested to you that just by communicate, no relationship is successful. You should know about yourself what your Needs and things related to you are.

My Unhealthy Relationship is associated with past. But now I can understand a lot of things that I took a lot of time to understand. I also at times feel that Insecure, Unworthy, Heartbroken feel at times.
I have never been able to feel well with my "partners", I always feel like I have to prove myself to them or else the relationship will not be good. I was stalking for years and I was looking for such a partner who support me,encourage me, but it did not happen in my life, none of my "partners" gave me as much as one would have to do in a good relationship. It is very important for you and us to understand our Importance, Needs, Emotions. Both should take care of their Commitments only then your Relationship can become successful.

I encourage you to understand your Thoughts, Emotions and Actions well.
Especially at that time when you are feeling lonely or you become disturbed, at this time you immediately start blaming your partners without thinking of anything. Check your patterns, insecurities and beliefs.You have to understand that you What is the need and why? Your relationship can be successful only by all these things.

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