Tips: Getting Specific in Goal Setting

          Although the concept of setting goals in general is a great one to learn; which was explained in the above sections, it helps to be able to set goals in specific areas of your life separately.
          For example; if you want to better your career options, you will be setting goals that specifically cater to your career. Of course, career goals aren't the only goals that most people are looking to set. Other areas of goals include:
· Relationships
· Family
· Health and fitness
· Spiritual
· Social/cultural
          Let's take a look at all of the most common goals that you should consider and how best to go about each one.

          What would be the point in learning how to set goals in general and not give specific examples and instructions on the most common goals that are set? Let's get started now.

First of all what do you think stops most people from achieving what they want out of life? Perhaps it is a lack of talent, lack of ability, personal circumstances, and upbringing. I'll tell you this much; it's none of those.

          The single biggest reason for an inability for reaching goals is a lack of action, or not setting them in the first place or doing anything about it.
          If you don't start in the first place, then how do you expect to move forward? Many a life long adventure started with the smallest of steps. Action is the first step to achieving your goals.
          Most people are fine at choosing a goal to set, but are inept at reaching them. You can achieve everything you want by making one step.
          One step is all you need to make. One step today, one step next week or tomorrow, whichever is more convenient to you. The important thing is to keep making steps once you have started.
The trouble is, often the first step is the hardest, and the next step is just as hard. It is only after you have made a series of steps that it gets easier.
You need to know the truth about what is really holding you back. Motivation and goal setting go hand in hand. The goal is your journey and the motivation your fuel to get there.
You may have many goals, but no fuel to get there. You may have gallons and gallons of fuel, but no journey to go on.
          What can prevent you from going on that journey? There are many more things holding you back than you realize.
          YOU are probably the biggest cause. The way you approach a goal will ultimately affect whether you will achieve it or not. The good news is that you can break free from whatever is holding you back.
          Friends and family are next in line. They may have your best interests at heart, but often their inaction is what lies behind their advice to you.
          It is really common for those around to hold you back simply because they are not doing anything themselves. For example, if you are losing weight, some of your support system will inadvertently sabotage you by offering you food or alcohol.
          I'm not saying that all advice is bad, it's just that sometimes the most well meaning of comments can empty your fuel can faster than, well a very fast thing.
          You need to spot these things when someone or something is draining your fuel and put a stop to it, either mentally or physically. You need to break free from whatever is holding you back. Now that you know this, let's get started.
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