Talk about putting your foot in it

In many cultures, shoes and/or feet can be regarded as bad omens and generally considered unclean and therefore unwelcome in domestic surrounds. In Japanese culture, the appearance of a shoe in a house, let alone, on the dining room table is just not done and regarded an insult.

On a recent visit by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his wife, to Israel , the VIPs were treated to diner at the official residence of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife. All went well until celebrity Israeli chef, Segev Moshe served up the dessert of a selection of delectable chocolate pralines artistically arranged inside a shiny leather shoe.

Culturally insensitive but in fairness to the chef, it was not a real shoe but rather sculptured cast metal boots by UK artist, Tom Dixon. In true diplomacy, an official at the Japanese embassy in Israel declined to comment, saying it was a private dinner but added the embassy had heard the Prime Minister and his wife “enjoyed the dinner”. “We respect and appreciate the chef. He is very creative,” the ministry added.
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