Shoe theft in Melboiurne

Melbourne police were surprised when they discovered a cache of stolen footwear. There was more than 2400 pairs of stolen shoes, from cowboy boots, work boots to sneakers. Most had been worn but others were brand new and still in their box. The constabulary had been investigating hundreds of reports of shoes stolen from across Melbourne's northern suburbs over six years when they discovered the boots hidden in a man’s house. Police allege the shoes were taken from the front doors of homes in the Mernda, Doreen, Watsonia North and Craigieburn areas of Melbourne, over the past six years. A man was later detained fpr the theft of the shoes. More recently, in a gracious endeavour to reunite the boots and shoes with their original owners, the ‘boot loot’ went on display . Apparently it took a team of three police officers almost three hours to place all of the shoes on display at a local hall.

Anyone who believes their shoes may be among the haul is encouraged to contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

Shoe thefts are not so uncommon as you might think and whilst these are mostly dismissed as aberrant behaviour by the judiciary, the behaviour can also be a symptom of paraphilia and may form part of the career pattern of a sex pest.
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