Issues in Educational Administration

By Sultan 

                     Human resource management
                     Physical resources management
                     Financial resources management
                     Information technology (IT) or informative resource management
            According to the British Institute of Personnel Management :
            “Personnel Management can be defined as “that part of management which is concerned with people at work and with their relationship within an organization.”
                     Resource Management
                     “ In organizational studies, resource management is the efficient and effective deployment for an organization's resources when they are needed. Such resources may include financial resources, inventory, human skills, production resources, or information technology (IT)  “ Wikipedia
                     *Now also called resource sharing
            According to American Management Association:
   Human Resource Management is that field of management which has to do with planning, organizing and controlling various operative functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a work force in order that
                     Resource management in education institutions
                     Role of school administration in resource management in school Level
                     Restructuring  of the resources and   management of educational organizations
                     Shortage of teachers, especially local female teachers in certain rural areas.
                     Importance of Resource Management in Schools
                     To enhance the quality and quantity of education in school Level
                     To improve the provision of resource inputs in schools
                     Physical resources management
                     (Problems face by administrator in education institute)
                     schools lack physical facilities including buildings, furniture, mats and even very basic necessities like blackboard, chalk, and charts.
                     Lack of schools building
                     Lack of HR and teachers
                     Lack of other resources water, Fan, Electricity
                     Lack of labs 
                     Lack of Play grounds
                     School Canteen
                     School Dispensary
                     School Furniture
                     Staff Room
                     Principal office
                     School Hall
                     School Furniture
                     Class Room 
                     Parking area for students and teachers.
                     Washrooms (Toilets)
                     Lawns and gardens
                     transportation problem
                     Use the same school building and start second shift classes.
                     use the same HR and other resources  to minimize cost and improve the salary of teachers to motivate them.
                      sharing of  resources between schools
                     Sharing of labs 
            SRIs in the school setting.
                     At present in Pakistan, SRIs (School resource inputs)
   are inefficiently used or misused, even in some schools unused
                     In budget 2009-10 speech in the National Assembly, the minister introduced four significant reforms for Improvement of education.
                     Utilization of existing resources by educational institutions is one of them
                     Optimal use of the resource inputs available in the institutions.
                     Research in Pakistan
                      Dahar, Iqbal & Faize (2010),
                      Dahar, Faize, Niwaz, Hussain and Zaman (2010) research study show.
                     “Both  studies concluded that the less provided SRIs are inefficiently and ineffectively used in the educational institutions”
                     Recommendation of the study
                     “The study concluded that practical laboratories (PLs) have positive and significant relationship with the academic achievement. Likewise, it is also concluded that if PLs are better provided and used efficiently and effectively, PLs may have larger effects.  It is also concluded that if the school basic facilities and instructional material are better provided and used efficiently and effectively, they may have larger effects”
                     Decentralization of education
                     The Local Government Ordinances
                     2001 provide a way for the establishment of a three-tier local government system comprising districts,
   Rehabilitate/up-grade physical facilities in existing primary schools.
                     Institutional Reforms: Public/Private Partnership and Community Participation Programmes through:
                     Restructuring and Strengthening of Education Foundation. Establishment of Village Education/School Management Committees and School Councils (making them legal entities).
                     Devolution Plan for District based planning, management and monitoring.
Resource management efforts in Pakistan
                     Resource management efforts by different governments.
                     Plans were prepared and even some implemented but due to lack of interest and supervision  on the part of government the  desired results was not achieved.
                     Schools function at places provided by the community free of charge.
                     These may include public places, Mosques, community centers, buildings
                     Computer literacy programme in government school in Evening shift
                     Use the same school building and teachers for Evening shift classes
                     Sharing of playground with other schools
                     Financial resources management
                     Buget Making
                     Buget planning is the most important duty of the administrator because for this he need the vision to forecast the probable expenditure for the year. What school will need, how much amount will be required for that. It is one of the major problem in the educational administration.
                     Internal Account
                     Keep check and balance on the staff member to prevent any miss use of school funds

School Fees; School fee is the most important financial source of any school administrator, therefore he needs to address this issues seriously to improve the financial problem of the school.
Improve the quality of education in school will improve the enrolment of students in school, which will improve the collection of Fee
                     Information technology (IT) or informative resource management
informative resource are also very important. Without proper informative resource no school can achieve his goals successfully. In Pakistan informative resource management is very serious problem for education administrator because of the financial restraint school administrators are not able to provide them in their schools. Some of the informative resources are;   
1.                  Resource Person
2.                  Library
3.                  Laboratory
4.                  Computer laboratory/internet
5.                  Instructional Material
            Visual Aids
            Audio Aids
            Audio-Visual Aids
6.                  The School diary,        Student diary,  Teacher diary, School Timetable
            School record
7.    Books,       Text Books,      Reference Books
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