A Comparative Analysis of Research Quality of Public and Private Universities

                Muhammad S.1 Ahmad S.M.2 Iqbal M.3 and Neman M.2

Available online at: www.isca.in, www.isca.me

Received 21st January 2014, revised 30th March 2014, accepted 1st June 2014



This paper discusses findings from a study designed for evaluating PhD dissertations and comparing quality of dissertations of public and private universities. The main objectives of the study were to evaluate the research quality of PhD education dissertations of public and private sector universities in Pakistan and to compare and analyze the dissertation quality of public and private sector universities in Pakistan. Of 308 PhD education dissertations, 178 dissertations were evaluated on a twenty-element rubric created for the evaluation of PhD dissertations in education.The main finding of the study is that the dissertation quality of public sector universities was found better than private sector universities on several categories of the rubric. The difference was significant in two elements of the rubric, while on the remaining categories,public sector universities were found better on the percentage scale compared to private sector, but statistically the result was not significant.Results are discussed and conclusion provided, for improving research quality at universities and for raising the standard and quality of educational research at both public and private universities in Pakistan.



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