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In this article, I shall make mention of the following;
  • Reason For Call To Holiness

  • How We Can Be Holy

  • How To Observe Holiness

  • When to be Holly

but first, I recommend you to read my previous articles on The Signs and Examples of Consecrated Life before proceeding with this article.

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord, Holy Holy Holy song is being sung by the Angels, Twenty four elders in heaven are singing holy song. The cherubim, seraphim etc are singing holy song in heaven.

Our God is of white character, white eyes, white months, white nose, white hand white legs and so on and so forth.

Lord is not a sinner; HE did not put HIS hand or leg into sin. It has never happened.
God is not arrogant; He is pure, not polluted. The name of the lord is holy. We the creature of lord, our heart is full of evil, Human beings are chameleon.

May god help and empower us to live in holy life as we are going to be taught this lecture (amen)-Rev 15:4, 2 Peter 3:11, Psalm 111:9, Isaiah 6:3.

Reason For Call To Holiness

(1) To be acceptable before the God. - Rom 12:1
(2) Because the God that is called us is Holy. – Leviticus 11:44
(3) We are the chosen Generation. – 1 Peter 2:9
(4) To dwell in the Mountain of God. – Psalm 15:1-3
(5) We are of this word. – Leviticus 20:26

How We Can Be Holy

(1) Sanctification - Ephesians 5:26-27
(2) Consecration - Exodus 29:9c, 43:21
(3) Washing of the Blood of the Lamb – Rev 7:14
(4) By purification – 1 John 3:3

When to be Holy

(1) All the days of our life – Luke 1:74-75
(2) Every now and then – Rev 22:11
(3) In God’s presence – Psalm 19:13-14
(4) When there is much sin – Psalm 19:13-14
(5) During Tribulation – Rev 7:14

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How To Observe Holiness

  • In worship – Psalm 29:2
  • In thoughts – Psalm 51:10a
  • In Humanity – John 4:10
  • In patience – Isaiah 53:1
  • In giving – Luke 6:38
  • In obedience – Deuteronomy 29:1
  • In utterance – Ephesians 4:29a
  • In academics – Psalm 119:100
  • In marriage – Hebrew 13:4
  • In Business – Genesis 29:15, 31:4-10


For this is the commandment of God that, be ye holy for I thy Lord is Holy. Failure to be holy, is disobeying the commandment to be holy.

Brethren do not make straight your way to hell. The only certificate to enter the kingdom of God is HOLINESS.

I appeal to you that you end up the Christian race to heaven where there is full enjoyment, no sorrow, no problem in the kingdom of heaven.

Please walk upon the high way of holiness that has been prepared for you. - {Isaiah 35:8}

May God help you and I to inherit the kingdom of God.

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