Diamond Factory In You

In chemistry, it is an empirical fact that diamond is a crystalline allostrope of carbon, we have crystalline and amorphous allostropes of carbon, crystalline substances are the substances whose structure are regularly arranged in a regular repeating pattern, the reverse is amorphous.

 Diamond in its crude form is not attracting because it looks like charcoal whereas it is a precious stone.
Many had come across diamond in life but its crudeness made them feel diamond is just ordinary stone, some also came across it and ignored it because its colour is not sparkling while some came across it but due to little heat they apply and no result came to visibility, they quitted.

The fact about diamond is that diamond is not diamond until it passes through intensed temperature, i mean temperature at the peak degree.

Brethren, though you might be looked down on today but be rest assured that those that look down on you will garnish you tomorrow, some are blind to see that the diamond factory is in you but they judge you by your present not knowing that u are a shinning and sparkling diamond tomorrow. 

David was ignored in the wilderness running after his father flock, do you know that the wilderness became the furnace where the diamond in David was heated and David became hero.

  Joseph also was hated by his brothers, sold and later sent to prison. Do you know that the pit and prison experiences of Joseph heated d diamond in Joseph and Joseph became producer of life jewelries, and many zeros in the bible that rose to be heroes in life due to one challenge or the other.

Listen carefully, there is a factory in you in which if you are not running out of your incubation period, people will see you and celebrate you. 

Never forget that man called Jephthah, he was disowned but later now owned, (judges 11vs1-11), he later filled d gap in his family. 

He now produced many jewelries of conquest in life because those challenges intensified him and his diamond became refined.

Caption: Your wilderness in life is a furnace where heat is generated to refine that inner quality in you,so never miss your period of dealings.

Signed: Makinde Oluwasegun A., (Aremoeleedua)
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