Catching It By The Edge To Carve The Future

There is a saying which says, "When fate throws a blade,you can catch it by the edge to carve the future. Every life has its own manual which has been approved by its manufacturer.

For every destiny; there is always a written script to guide the stage drama

Scripturally,it is written that in the world, pressure of life will arise but we should be of good cheer, Jesus has conquered the world. - John 16 vs 33, implying that when we invite Jesus into our life situations, storms become subdued under our feet. As we all know that "fate" in Yoruba means "kadara"

It is an abuse of destiny. So when fate throws a blade,

it can be caught by the edge to carve the future.

Caption 1: Every blade thrown by fate in life is to sharpen the pencil of destiny,if properly caught. Champions are not made by merriments but in the midst of controversies,the food of the champions are difficulties out of which possibilities come. Today, we are found of easy alternatives, i.e nobody wants to pay the price but everybody wants to be a winner.

Easy alternatives belong to small minds but difficult things belong to great minds.
Caption 2: If you don't pay the price, you can't be a price commodity. In the market of values, people who are valued are the people who pain the price to attain their goals. Every character that made it to the top in the Bible paid the price. Many of them are drilled in the wilderness and under men of valour. This is related to my previous article in which I talked about The Diamond Factory In You

Caption 3: Everybody wants to get to the top or to the apex of the ladder without knowing what the ladder is all about, once the purpose of existence is not known, abuse becomes inescapable.

The Bible says in the book of, Proverb 25 vs 2, "it is the glory of God to conceal a thing but the honour of a king is to search out matters in life.
Once a king is deficient of relevant information, absolutely, such a king will loose every good tiding apportioned for the throne.

No matter the challenges or pains, know it for sure if you persistently persist, such challenges are blades to carve the future.

Caption 4: For every pain, there is always a gain. Every destiny manufactured by God is designed with a particular throne, so when the throne is not properly occupied, another person takes over.

Caption 4: Life becomes sweet when you know that thorns have roses. Thorns means the blades or challenges of life, capacity to bear them is a winning tool.

According to Akponne Kars, he said, "some grumble because they know that rose have thorns but i am thankful because i know thorns have roses". So many have missed it in life because pleasures have taken their treasures. They think everything will continue to sojourn in jollity not knowing that the measure of a real man lies in the dryness..i.e the moment of controversies. To get well defined destiny,

one must be able to catch every blade thrown in life and use it to carve the future.

Caption 6: Once you fail to bear life cross, you plan to loose the crown. The crown of life belongs to the extra mile seekers. Extra mile is an unpopulated land that does not belong to the crowd but to those who can catch the blade by the edge and use it to carve the future.

Brethren, when fate throws a blade, you can catch it by the edge to sharpen the pencil of destiny.


Written by: Makinde Oluwasegun Adewale, Aremoeleedua.
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