Tips On How You Can Be Disciplined

Technology, Internet and modern inventions are amazing and they have drastically improved the quality of our lives.
At the same time however, there are a thousand times more distractions ever in human history.
Nearly every one of us are struggling from being led astray from our goals and ideas.

Here are 7 easy tips on how you can be more disciplined and keep yourself on track.
  1. Keep Your Eyes On The Prize 🏆 
  2. You need to be constantly reminded on what you are working towards.
  3. Envision how your life will be when your goals are met. When you have a vision of what you really want (to have, to be, to obtain), you’ll develop more motivation to keep yourself on track. Remember also to have enough reasons on why you want them.
  4. Purpose is the emotional fuel that keeps you grinding during tough times. Goals may seem far-reaching and unachievable at times. The mere thought of putting a man on the moon is daunting enough to put most people off. So once you have your dream set, you must shift your focus to the next smallest baby action step you’re able to take. This will decrease the resistance of taking action in your mind. When things seem more manageable, we’ll have more self-discipline to follow through today, tomorrow, next week and for the rest of your life. Also Keep Your Eyes On The Consequences
  5. What would happen if you fail to achieve what you want? How’s it going to affect your personal life style and your family’s well-being? If nothing gets improved a year later, 3 years later, 10 years later, how painful would it feel to keep struggling with your problems?
  6. To motivate yourself  This requires to be disciplined enough to keep taking action, you must activate the pain of potential failure. Otherwise, you’re just going to give up.
  7. how to be more discipline
  8. Instill Public Accountability We are weak when we are alone. Get yourself an accountability partner who’s going to be ruthless to question your laziness, remind you your grand audacious vision, and encourage you to keep going while you still haven’t succeeded. To make this effective, you must set in consequences when goals are not met. Put yourself on the line so that you are slightly forced to be more disciplined.
  9. Reduce Unnecessary Stress If you treat yourself too harsh and beat yourself up every time things don’t work out, it’s natural you don’t want to continue the endeavor. Intense focus can only happen when you chill out, remain calm and non-reactive to your temporary emotions. So make sure you build in healthy habits like having daily physical exercises, connecting with nature, doing meditation, having a weekly massage etc.
We are just like a rubber band. If we don’t relax and reduce stress regularly, we’re going to break.
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