Marion Parke: Shoe designer and former podiatrist

Marion Parke is a shoe designer and former [podiatrist determined to fill a niche in the market for "wearable" luxury heels. The former foot doctor and has called upon her years of experience practicing as a podiatric surgeon to create anatomically correct luxury high heeled shoes (her heels are never designed over 85mm or 3,3"). According to the designer, her Italian made shoes support the human foot.

Parke claims her knowledge of the anatomical structure, and function of the human foot gives her a distinct advantage over her rivals when it comes to designing her stylish footwear range. She incorporates subtle tilts and wedges into the shoe in-socks which help stabilise the elevated foot.

Marion Parke’s SS16 collection proved very successful with the fashionista and, she hopes her new collection, SS 17, will have the same impact.
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