Redneck Boot Sandals

Redneck Boot Sandals are traditional cowboy boots carved and redesigned like a sandal with a toe post and straps.

The boots started as a joke when former deputy sheriff, Scotty Franklin, decided to marry cowboy boots with flip flops in 2012. Using his pocketknife, he carved his first pair of boot sandals on a pair of old boots. Walking around Springfield, Mo he not only met with admiring glances but people offered to buy his boots. So he decided to go into business, working in his garage and using only “basic tools”. At first Franklin worked on a design process taking commissions. Soon the business was so successful he was able to buy a leather sewing machine and other professional tools. He continues to do most of the initial cutting at home and outsources jobs to two local cobblers.

Since the beginning of this year he has fulfilled 1,000 orders and employs a total of eight staff. Orders are placed through the brand’s website and customers ship their own boots for the remanufacturing services, which cost $75, plus $25 for shipping and handling in the continental U.S. To date Texas is where demand for the cowboy-boot-sandals is highest but orders for the novelty Americana footwear come from all over the world. The Redneck Boot Company supports a local charity and donates to Isabel’s House , in Springfield, for child abuse and neglect.

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