9 Lessons I learnt from my 21 day exercise challenge !!

I have always believed that sports can motivate anyone to achieve their personal goals. With this thought going at the back of the mind, I muttered to myself – "Can sports do the same for me?"

"I think Apeksha, it’s time to put belief in action" – said my mind.

Since last few days, I had been feeling very lethargic and uninterested in the events around me. And I knew the reason: Lack of physical activity does that to anyone. So I told myself,  let’s take up the 21 day challenge to get myself back in the habit of physical exercise and to keep myself accountable, lets post daily updates on twitter.

Apart from the usual benefits of weight loss, feeling fresh and active throughout the day and sweating etc, these are the most important lessons I learnt from my #21dayexercisechallenge.

My workout included:
Cardio-10 mins, 15 pushups, 50 squats, 25 mountain climbers, 50 steps, 30 sidekicks, 30 frontkicks, 15 abdominal crunches.

By the end of the day 2, already I could see a little lethargy creeping in my mind because mind always wants to run away from sweating or doing any work. All it tells you is that resting is perfect and going out there running is difficult. I realized that the toughest part is to tie the shoe laces and get out there. Once you do that, you will realize that it always will have a happy ending.

Increasingly mind will try to find new excuses, some as lazy as why run, when you can rest and sleep for ten minutes more. But still I kept going and this is what I learnt during the 21 days...

1) The toughest part is always to tie up you shoe laces and get out. Once you have done that, you realize that it is always a happy ending.

2) Ask yourself who is the DRIVER of your life: YOU or Your Mind?

3) Will anything that you want to do in life, be easy? No… But Worth it – Absolutely..

4) It's easy to give up, but giving up only will make me feel weaker.

5) If I'll not keep my commitments, then who will! The key to self-esteem is to follow what you say!

6) If you are a sports enthusiast like me, then always ask yourself in key moments when you are almost certain to give up, what would have your favorite athlete have done? ( Had severe cough and cold in between, but still went out- Thanks to Roger Federer who had just played an entire tournament inspite of having flu and went on to reach this finals)

7) Do something today that your future self will thank you for. I was also inspired by the following pic which Novak Djokovic posted while on a vacation - apparently he never misses his stretching/training even on vacations. So I realized problems/reasons will always be there, challenge is to fulfill your commitment inspite of the problems/reasons.

8) Why we all love #exercise time once we have finished it? Any guesses? It’s because during the whole time, your mind is in present moment, counting the numbers! Think about it.. You are so focused in counting the number of reps done, that you forget about everything else! Being in present moment is always the key to happiness..we keep thinking about future/past!

9) Sweated a lot on the 1st day & today it felt like it was nothing!! So impossible is just in the mind….Isn't it?

And don't forget, once you start the workout, obviously you can eat your favorite food guilt free  :):)

And yes I still follow the workout routine even if its been more than a month since this challenge got over..:):)
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