Thank You Roger Federer! You lost but still won our hearts...

I know the heart must be broken for all Roger Federer fans, as we all probably know what Wimbledon final meant for the great champion!

But then they say that results in the end doesn't matter. Yes it was the opportunity missed for Roger Federer to extend his tally to 18 GS and defy all the critics. But then in the end, do we even know what we got a chance to witness today?

Take a moment and think about it?

We got a chance to witness the will and desire of a player whose passion for tennis is immeasurable and probably the highest I have ever seen in anyone.

We got a chance to witness the game of a player who probably will go down in the history of tennis as the player who is arguably not only the best but also someone who is loved everywhere where he goes as one of their own.

We got a chance to witness a player who is a perfect example of leading a complete life when it comes to spending time on his career or with his family.

Above all, we got a chance to witness a pure spectacle and  learnt the biggest lesson that in the end  results doesn't matter, what matters is the love for what you do and the effort that you put in.

And all this we have witnessed from a player who is about to turn 33 in a month. Yes..33! While many people urged him to retire and hang up his racquet long back, he continued on his own journey, carving his own path.

As a Roger Federer fan, I am extremely disappointed that he lost the finals but at the same time, I am inspired by him to see that how day after day, he continues to defy age and do what he loves. (Many congratulations to Novak Djokovic fans too and like Roger said in the end, it was a well-deserved win!)

A lot of people talk about how results are important to define who the greatest player is overall, but come to think of it: do results really matter in the end? After 20 years, most probably people will forget how many titles did he win or lose. Records are made to be broken and who knows till when a record will go on? Did people think that Pete Sampras record will be broken in a short span of 8 years? No, to be very frank for me the records don’t matter because as far as I am concerned, he is the most complete player I have ever seen playing, a player who is not only a genius on court but also is perfect role model for everyone outside the court. Not only that, not once has he been accused of sportsmanship or breaking the rules or for that matter have got involved in controversies outside the court.

For me, yes Roger lost but the pure joy of being able to see him play the way he did was more important at the end. You win some and you lose some, but today Roger Federer won the hearts of everyone present in the center court with his comeback in the fourth set from 2-5 down. After 20 years, will it matter to me if Roger won 17 or 18 GS titles, probably not! What will matter is the fact that how lucky I have been to be able to witness:

~ A player who plays the most effortless tennis that one might have ever seen anyone play.
~A player who plays for the love of the game and enjoys each and every moment of it.
~A player who has defined his own path on his own terms and continues to do so.

Yes Roger Federer didn't win today but with his attitude and passion, inspired many fans in the world showcasing that how important it is to do what you love and give the best effort in whatever you do. Not only that, he showed that critics might say whatever and most probably will continue to say rubbish to you, what matters is what you believe in.

Results might come and go but in the end, what will matter is: did you try your best? Were you able to tell yourself that you tried your best? Were you able to enjoy the moments?

If the answer is yes like Roger Federer, then you will no doubt be able to sleep better in the night.

And if you are his fan, then know that it’s a privilege to be able to see the genius play on the court. Infact, if there are two words I can write for him, it will be Thank You Roger Federer for all the beautiful moments that you have shared with us and will continue to do so in future. You have not only inspired us but also at the same time showed us how doing what you love can give a blissful moment irrespective of the results.

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