USA advances in the group of death beating all the odds- A very important lesson to be learnt from Jusrgen Klinsmann and the US team!

Inspite of losing the game against the mighty Germans 0-1, USA has advanced to round of  16. There is a saying:
"It is not the mountains created by other that we have to climb, it is ourselves that we have to conquer”.
before explaining the above line, let me ask one simple question before we go ahead. Why do you think people succeed?
If we were to take general opinion, most of the answers will fall in the category of
1)      Genius/Talented
2)      Luck
3)      Destiny
4)      Hard Work
But very few people will say what I believe is the biggest reason for anyone to succeed or for that matter, anyone to be happy in their lives – Will Power to conquer our own mind!
And today USA just proved that in the group of death when out of the blue, they became the second team to qualify for the round of 16 ahead of Ghana and Portugal. Nobody, not even a single person believed them except probably the 23 players and their coach Jurgen Klinsmann.
Who would have thought that USA will proceed ahead but they still did?
That is why I have always said that no matter what everyone thinks about your chances in life, if you believe in yourself, then you are bound to succeed sooner than later.
As per Jurgen Klinsmann – “Everybody said we had no chance but we took that chance”
What an inspiring win by Clint Dempsey, Tim Howard and their team….
If you are a USA fan and even if you are not, think about it what you can learn from this win. Yes you can celebrate but if you want to take it a level ahead: tell yourself today that if you are like USA team in your life, you will turn it around the way USA did in World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

First Costa Rica and now USA, simply inspiring results even for sports fans!
In the end I will again end with this quote:
 “It is not the mountains created by other that we have to climb, it is ourselves that we have to conquer”.

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