The ART Of Following your Dreams

"If you will not try, you will go to your grave with your song still inside you." -  Henry David Thoreau

I have just finished reading  The Art of Non Conformity book by Chris Gullibeau. This book is not meant for orthodox people who are not willing to change in their lives. If you are one of them, then I think you just landed on a wrong page.

But if you are willing to try and change with me, then you are most welcome to read on.

Are you one of those that sits in cubicles  for more than 50% of your day?

Are you one of those who does wishful dreaming of a perfect life doing what you have always wanted do?

Are you one of those who believe that life is tough but you can be tougher if you just had options?

Well if you are, then welcome to my world which has just been shattered to pieces by what I have read*.  There are many people who are not famous but still live the life that they have always dreamt of.  Not one, Not two, not hundred, there are thousands of people who are doing that.  Here are few of them:

  1. Leo Babuata who is the founder of Zen Habits , a website/blog with 260,000 subscribers and has six kids. Here is the catch, before this, he worked in a low level administrative job in GUAM ( ever heard of this place?)
  2. Chris Gullibeau himself was a volunteer worker in South Africa and did his masters from University of Washington. After that he decided to work for himself rather than going for a cubicle job. His website is one of the most famous ones ( The Art of Non Conformity) and has been featured in CNN and other top news channels in a span of 4 years. Oh By the way, he has also travelled 192 countries in the world in less than 50,000$ budget. He is just 35!
  3. The Excel Dude from India who started his website in 2009 and now earns almost $150,000 per year.

I can go on and on about the examples, but that's not the point here…The point is about thinking what we are doing, is it the right path or the wrong one..

This book has got me thinking that should I go for a cubicle job or should I go for doing something that I want irrespective of what the society thinks? All these examples are of people like you and me , yet they have carved out a way by which they are following their dreams. So why can't we?

Everyone dies but not everyone lives. The question is where are we going ?

Just another person in cubicle or someone who followed their dreams…. 

*The book that I have mentioned is one of the brilliant books that I have read and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to follow his passion but is afraid of the so called society norms and pressures.

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I wish I had known this.....

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