Without a Leg - Handicapped or Empowered?

Born without a left leg, raised in poverty in a single mom household on a tobacco farm , the fourth of 10 children, Life was expected to be worst for Carl Joseph. Instead of losing hope, he focused on what he had and started playing basketball, football and track - all done without the aid of his prosthesis.

He played high school and college football, becoming the only one legged athlete in the history of football.  He was able to block passes, dunk a basketball or clear 5'10" height in high jump. Recently he was inducted in the Hall of Fame of Florida High School Athletic Association. He was summarized by many including former NFL star Dan Dierdorf as the most amazing athlete he has ever seen.

Watch it for yourself in this video on how a one legged athlete did wonders which many thought impossible.

Now that you have watched it, ask yourself a question: "What is stopping me to achieve my goals when I have two legs and hands?

Can my circumstances be more worse than Carl Joseph? If he can do it, why can't I?"

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