The Brilliance of the 35 year old Tommy Haas- The Comeback Marvel

Ultimately the choice is always ours. We can either be a weed grower in our minds or instead choose to be a dream grower.

At the age of 35+, all Tommy Haas could have done was to disappear in the darkness of ignominy and collect sympathies from everyone as the player who was not able to perform because of his destiny and luck.
Seeing him play today the way he did, showed the importance of the power of positive mental attitude. After not being able to convert 12 frustrating match points, he still came out as a winner in the marathon 5 setter match against John Isner.

I am not going to dwell much in stats but on the mental aspect of a player. Can you imagine yourself in Haas’ shoes and think what you would have done?

To comeback from the injuries which forced him to be out of the world of tennis and took away the young result producing years from his life is in itself a feat which 90% of people in this world cannot even fathom. I am not sure if I have the courage to say to myself that what is gone is gone, don’t dwell on the past and focus on the future. So what if 10-13 years of my life, I did nothing because of unforeseen and natural causes.

Today’s match was a glimpse of the iron steel nerves Tommy Haas is made of. Inspite of not winning 10 match points in 4th, he was down 1-4 in the fifth set and still won 10-8.  It would have been so easy for Haas to give up hope and let Isner win the fifth set. But that’s where the real hero’s, the ones with positivity and determination flowing in their veins differentiate themselves from others.

People who choose to have a positive mental attitude define their journey on their own terms. To them it does not matter if they are 35 or what critics think, what matters is what can they do about themselves and not feel pity but end up being proud of themselves of who they are and have been.

Remember The choice is ours – Choose to be a weed grower in your mind full of negativity and despair or choose to be a dream grower full of positivity and hope to succeed the way you want to be.

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