Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Tommy Haas, Tommy Roberdo & The Myth of Age 30

Ø  Average age of the 16 male players in the 4th round at Roland Garros is 28.3 (Courtesy Enrico Maria).
Ø  Roger Federer at age 31 reached his 36 straight Grand Slam quarter finals (9 straight years). HE recorded his 900th victory with the win against Gilles Simon.
Ø  Serena Williams at age 31 is the fittest and amongst the greatest women player in the history of tennis.
Ø  Tommy Roberdo at age 31 became the first player since 1927 to win 3 consecutive matches in a Grand Slam after being 2 sets down in each one of them.
Ø  Tommy Haas at age 35 enthralled all of us to win the tough 5 setter against John Isner and enter the 4th round of French Open.

Isn’t age 30 supposed to be the age when players are supposed to crumble to the pressures of fatigued legs, worn out mind and no stamina to compete against players 10 years younger than them?
Isn’t 30 supposed to the time when it’s time to hang your boots and call it a day?
Isn’t 30 supposed to be the time when the golden age is supposed to have faded away?4

Yes, it is supposed to be that but the question is from where have we heard about these facts?
People around us right? Time and again we have been bounded by the limitations set by people around us. It is not their fault that they make us believe all the facts as 95% people fall in the trap of mediocrity and believe that the universal law is to succumb to the age factor. But some people are not destined but determined to succeed and believe in the power of their own minds. Indeed it is because of the list of the above tennis players,  I believe that that human mind is capable of achieving the nearly impossible feats, if it wants to.

Human mind is worth a billion dollar and in general people use just a minuscule portion of it in their lives to achieve their goals. But if used properly, it can take you to heights never thought of before.Otherwise how would you explain Tommy Roberdo’s feat or the fact that Tommy Haas still just beat the US No. 1 player or the fact that Serena Williams is invincible or that Roger Federer has not lost a single match before the quarterfinals in 9 straight years. The only limits that you have are the limits you believe. 

If there is a problem or a roadblock, listen to your own voice and tell it that Every problem has a solution,only if we perhaps change our "ATTITUDE". Define your attitude, Define your life. 

3 cheers to Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Tommy Roberdo and Tommy Haas for defying all the odds to be where they are right now with their positive attitude.

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