Andre Agassi and "ROCK BOTTOM"

In 1992 Wimbledon, a new champion rose in the history of Tennis-Andre Agassi, the long haired tennis player known for his brashness, mockery and off court media popularity. For a person who was more focused on his image rather than tennis, ongoing hair problems, drug use, tanking matches (unknown to the world at that time) and mocking players, and whose hatred towards tennis was more than anyone can imagine during the early part of his career, dropping in the world ranking from Numero Uno to No. 141 and a divorce was not a surprise. In his words it was the rock bottom of his life. There was no comeback from that situation. Right?

Wrong! Come 2012, he is one of the most adored and respected tennis player who is not only known for his tennis achievements (8 grand slams, 1999 historic victory in French Open, third player to complete a career grand slam, World No. 1 ranking and so many more) but also for his off court achievements. In the field of sports, he is one of the biggest philanthropists; he has generated $177 million for his education reform activities in Las Vegas. In his personal life, he is happily married with the woman who still manages to take his breath away after 11 years-fellow hall of famer-Steffi Graf with two kids Jaden and Jaz. In my book, he is the perfect role model for everyone in all the aspects of life- professional and personal.

So how did this turnaround started: It started with the advice of Nelson Mandela to him in 1997: “We must live our lives carefully”. And how true it is? Shouldn’t every individual live that way, be careful of their decisions on every step. Every human being in this world hits a rock bottom in his life but how often do we see such a remarkable transformation and rise to the top? The normal tendency is to give up and succumb to the pressures of life and give away our lives. Some commit suicides, some fall in the trap of depression, some blame their families and so on. But is that really the solution to this problem? Andre Agassi is a perfect example from whom we can take inspiration in life and get back to the point that we and our family want.

Was he able to do it because he possesses special qualities? No, he was also a normal person like all of us wanting to have a great career, family and good memories. The only difference is that he didn’t give up and with his belief and determination revived himself again to achieve great heights. So, can we also do it? God has given every person the same tools; it’s the qualities which a person develops over a period of time which defines his/her extraordinary achievements. If only we can look from within and be careful in our decisions, we also can do the impossible. As Agassi said “Hitting the rock bottom, a place that really isn’t so bad because it gives you a chance to look up” and start cherishing the things you love the most in life.

Andre Agassi is a true inspiration to all, who has taught us the importance of never giving up in life, the belief that we can always push ourselves to begin again and be inspired to achieve the greatness we are destined for.  It’s NEVER too late in life. In the words of this tennis great and my favorite:  “I am living proof that no dream, no journey is impossible.”

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