Roger Federer: Is He The Greatest Ever?

I never thought of something like this when I was a little kid, that’s for sure. Probably one of my biggest accomplishments. I’m very proud of that record (300 weeks as World no. 1), no doubt about it.” – Roger Federer.
Roger Federer’s statement  made me go back in my memory lanes and wonder about my childhood idol Pete Sampras. As a kid, growing in a small town , I was fascinated by Pete Sampras and his serve. When he surpassed the world record of Ivan Lendl’s 270 weeks  as World No.1  on June 21, 1999, the girl in me jumped in elation and looked  with deep admiration on what he had achieved. I just wondered in my mind: Can anyone ever come even close to this record? Probably not.

But history has a strange way of repeating itself and just 13 years later, I  found myself jumping up once again in air after  seeing  Roger Federer, the perfect gentleman of tennis, surpassing the elite  300 weeks mark  at World No.1 – once thought impossible.  Till date, I have failed to pin point one exact reason why  people love Roger Federer so much.

Is it  his elegance, one handed backhand, the sweet timing, his smile, his devotion towards his family or his composure? What is it that makes people love him so much? I think it is all of the above, but if I dare try to define him in one line, it will be, "He is the most elegant player, yet the simplest player tennis has  ever seen”.

The beauty lies in the fact that he makes the game of tennis and life look so easy to everyone.  Here is how:

When I look at Novak Djokovic and  Rafael Nadal , I know tennis is  difficult and requires a lot of hard work and stamina. When I look at Federer, he makes all his shots look so easy that it makes me believe that tennis is not that difficult for an average person like me.

When I look at people around the world unhappy with their life and family, it makes me wonder about what happened  to the old days of enjoying the simple joys of life . When I look at Federer, he makes me realize that happiness is all about inner self, it's all about family and still lies in spending your life with wife and kids, taking them to a stroll in the park, putting the kids to bed in the night and waking up in the night to ensure everything is well just like a normal dad.

When I look at players running for fame and money, I know the world is now run on how much money we can earn in our lives. When I look at Federer and see how he is focused on his goals every year, turning down endorsements, tournaments and exhibitions  to make sure he can follow his passion , it comforts me and inspires to follow my own goals instead of running after money.

Yes, to me emotionally, my heart believes that  Roger Federer is indeed the  most complete  player in the history of men’s tennis because there is no way any one can be a perfect sports-person as he is. People might talk about other players and in no way do I want to condescend anyone of them as I totally respect what others have achieved in their life, but I still believe that no one has indeed been as complete as Roger Federer in tennis, be it on the court or off the court.

Tennis, family, work ethics, fans , media interviews – he is indeed the best sports-person the game has ever witnessed.Thank you Roger Federer for inspiring millions of people around the world not only with your game, but also your personal life.

( PS: I know people will argue that Rafael Nadal and others might be the top contenders for the greatest players but as far as statistics  go, I believe that he is the greatest player  tennis has ever seen. If you don’t believe me, then wait for my next article in which I will speak from my mind with certain facts to prove my point. Who is ready for a hot debate?)

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