Roger Federer & His Secret of Success.

One of my friends mentioned to me: Life is tough, why is  that others have been able to achieve so much as compared to her.  She debated with me on how luck is a strong factor in deciding who gets all the fame. How she has tried hard and now given up on her goals because of the setbacks she received in the process?

While debating with her, my mind went back to US Open 2009 where Roger Federer was a set up and 5-4 in the second set and still ended up losing the match. That was still alright but come 2011, he lost the French Open Final once again to his friend/rival Rafael Nadal. To add misery to his year, he lost the QF of his favorite GS -Wimbledon after being 2 sets up. Then came all the talks about his being turning 30 and how his era seems to be on the decline. If this was not enough, he had a shocking and humiliating defeat by the hands of the player of the year-Novak Djokovic at US Open (after having 2 Match points in his bag)

What can be more disappointing than the feeling that one day-you are the indisputable king of the world and the other day, you have been failed by your own standards and the entire world doubting your abilities! You are bound to give up in life—won’t you?

But then that’s not who Roger Federer is. He didn’t give up or grieve about his loss, took a break of 6 weeks and came back stronger than ever: Wimbledon, World No. 1, Olympic Silver Medal and now Cincinnati Open. No one predicted this kind of comeback from this champion after his loss in Australian Open and French Open this year. While everyone was writing off his chances, he was busy preparing himself for his goals in life.

The Reason for his success:  He Never Ever Gave Up.

He is an experienced person who knows what he is capable of and what he can achieve.  Even during those tough moments, he didn’t stop believing in himself .  It’s very easy for all of us in life to blame our failures on destiny and not work hard enough to find out where the real problem lies.

In Federer’s own words: I went through some tough moments as well where I was frustrated and I didn't like it as much.  But, I don't know.  I always stay positive.  I'm a very positive person”

During the 6 week break after US Open 2011, Mirka (his wife) told him:It’s O.K. to lose one or two matches very closely, but you can’t start losing more and more and more. Then maybe something’s wrong in your corner. So you just have to question yourself and check with the entire team, see what everybody thinks.’ 

Isn’t this true for all of us too that something might be wrong in our corner. If we haven’t been able to achieve our goals, then there is something still to be improved upon by ourselves. So next time, when you think of quitting, remember that quitting for sure will not make you reach the goals but trying hard enough in a smart way can definitely help you inch closer toward the goal post. 

Life is all about preparing, competing, dealing with tough situations and seeing how you are doing. You never know what can happen and that’s what makes it so thrilling. So always have faith, never ever give up and go for your goals.

"There maybe tough moments maybe for, you know, an hour or a couple of days potentially, but life goes on and you get a second chance. Everyday push yourself and strive for trying to be better than the day you were before because everything else won't do your job. Being manage to able to do all those things can create really extra ordinary things that you thought was never possible" - Roger Federer

And that’s why he has achieved so much. So why can’t you?

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