Novak Djokovic: The Toughest Competitor!

"Heroes aren't born in the final act, They are born in the struggle of the plot." That's where the new Djokovic was born.

Rewind to the years before 2011 where Djokovic regularly struggled against the likes of Federer and Nadal, be it service, be it returns, be it any area of his game.
Fast forward to today, he is the man who is unbreakable and has the look of a warrior who knows that he cannot be broken.

When it comes to pressure situations, there is no player who plays more aggressively on break points or match points than Nole himself.  60 out of the last 66 break points has been saved on hard courts by Djokovic till date, he has made the historic comeback against Federer in US Open last year and Murray in Australian Open this year. Not to mention after his heartbreaking loss in Olympics, when everyone had thought that this will really effect his mentality, when there were rumors about his personal problem, he has come strongly and better as a champion (Roger Cup winner and now the finals of Cincinnati Open) and a fighter who wants to make a statement to the world that nothing can stop him from his path  He recently commented on his facebook account:

 "I really missed the feeling of raising a trophy. And I still have a big hole in my heart for missing out the chance for Olympic medal. I dreamed of it and I know how much it meant for my country. But sport taught me to be strong while winning, and even stronger when losing. That became part of my character by now." 

Sports has taught him to be even stronger when losing and that has become his character, such a powerful lesson we all can learn when faced with adversity on our own lives, when we feel we have lost everything and now nothing good can come up in future. If there is one thing we can learn is rather than giving up, take control of your own destiny and shape your future after facing  disappointments.

What more can be said of Nole except that in tough situations, the champion in him become even more dominant and shows us who he is in reality. The way he has won Toronto and reached the finals of Cincy, is in itself  a remarkable example of how well he has bounced back from his defeat in Olympics. It makes me go back to an old adage:

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going"

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