Roger Federer- The SwissFighter!

“I've worked extremely hard since I lost that match point against Novak last year at the U.S. Open”- Roger Federer

Sitting with both hands clasped together, I cheered for Roger Federer saying it loudly: “Federer please make sure you serve well.”  At that very instant, US Open 2011 semifinals memories flashed back and I said to myself, "Federer, you got to make that serve; you have not come so far just to lose now".

And then as soon as I saw Djokovic’s return went in the net, I jumped in joy with a big YES. Roger Federer had won against defending champion to book his eighth Wimbledon finals appearance. I was elated  not as a fan of Roger Federer but it was for the joy of humanity, joy of seeing a person achieving his goals when everyone had thought the opposite for him.

He is 30+, he still fights out in tennis courts when all the analysts and critics have waived him off just like another bus ticket. After all it’s the generation of the young guns. How can a player above 30 be so confident about reaching the finals leave apart reclaim the World No.1 ranking?

How can Roger Federer even think of survival in the presence of Djokovic /Nadal? Doesn’t he know that tennis was not anymore for him? Wasn’t 7 wimbledon finals enough for him?  Doesn’t he know that in today’s world present matters and not the past? Doesn’t he know that all the critics have the lifetime experience of predicting what’s best for him?

Roger Federer was the underdog in today’s match as per so called experts. He should have retired long back – doesn’t he know that ? Oh My, what a shock it must have been for everyone who had written him off and was calling for his retirement.

I just can’t help smiling and looking at admiration towards the champion known as The Fedex. Why?
Because when I look at him, he gives me hope about my dreams. He gives me belief that what matters in life is your own faith in yourself. The whole world might be against you but it’s you who matter. It’s the power of your mind and hard work that  determines your success even when you grow old.

When I look at him, he gives me inspiration to not give up in any circumstances. He gives me the faith to stand strong at times of adversity. Just today, I felt certain colleagues did not react the way I wanted them to react to my idea and infact when I  knew I was pretty damn good. I was upset and sad. Then I thought of Federer and his defeat against Tsonga last year. He said to everyone that he played well and he knew in his heart that against Tsonga and Djokovic (US Open ), he was good. But did anyone believe him?

Should he have also gone and sat in a corner sad and not work even harder than before. Should he have given up hope and stopped working? If at the age of 30, he is not ready to give up, why should I ?

That’s why I say, Federer's win in the semi finals is not about being happy as a fan, it’s about being joyful for the purpose of humanity. It’s about how inspiring it is to see someone stick to his goals even in dire circumstances and not deviating from his path. It’s about a person’s perseverance and belief to do the impossible.  It’s about a lesson that we can all learn to implement in our lives and make sure we stick to our goals no matter how much resistance we face.

Even if you are fans of other tennis players, I would still suggest all of you to cheer not for Federer- The Player  but for Federer -  The Person’s determination and will power to prove to the world that there is nothing bigger in this world than a person’s thoughts and action.

Because, Roger Federer’s game is more than a sport right now, it’s about life, emotion, passion, and some of the greatest highs  and lows we can experience. It’s about his fight against the world to set an example to everyone: “Never underestimate the power and ability of anyone”

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