Roger Federer - Return of the King (7 times Wimbledon Champion)

“I’ve won so much that you feel like if you put yourself in the right position and you do all the right things you’ll definitely get a shot of winning big tournaments.”

That’s what Federer said a year ago when no one was ready to believe the champion. After all, he had not won a Grand Slam since 2010. When he turned 30, most of the critics had written him off citing the younger legs of Djokovic & Nadal being too good for the greatest player in tennis history.

Greatest leaders/players have been those who have kept their word and followed what they have said. And so did Federer today. The Fedex went on to defeat World No. 4 Andy Murray in 4 sets: 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4.
The way Federer played today was the vintage Federer of old days. He was broken in the first set at 4-4 by Murray who played aggressive tennis from the start. Unlike his earlier grand slam finals, Murray played good strong tennis throughout the match but as they say, when Federer is playing at his best, no one can stop him.

In the second set, both the players played unbelievable shots to the excitement of the crowd. Federer saved 2 break points to finally seal the third set in the 12thgame with a perfect volley which brought out the applause from every person in the stadium.

When it looked like Federer had momentum finally; rain Gods interfered only to make it even stronger for the God of tennis. Federer who had not been serving well till now came on strong, and started hitting the sweet corners just as he did in the semi-final against Djokovic. And it seemed that Paul Annacone had a crucial role in the revival as Federer started ripping his forehand on Murray's second serve, which 90% of the times was angled towards Fed’s backhand. And in the 7thgame which turned out to be the crucial one, Fed sealed the 6thbreak point of the game to end the 26 point game to go up 4-2. And from then on, it was just Federer all over the court with his shots.

Not to take anything away from Murray, he was aggressive and positive throughout the match and my heart really goes out to him for his unbelievable effort. He should be really proud of the way he played but today was not his day as it was the day which was meant for Roger Federer to win his 17th GS.

This is the day which will be remembered as the day when Roger Federer created history to win his 7th Wimbledon title and also claim his World No. 1 ranking at the age of almost 31 when every critic had written him off.

This is the day which will be remembered as the day to remind us all, that in the end, what world says about you does not matter but what matters is your will and determination.

This is the day which will be remembered as the day when a person named Roger Federer decided that 30 is the new gold and age can never be a barrier for anyone to achieve ones' goals.

About one year ago, I had written Federer and myth of age 30 in which I said, if you think "you can you will" for this great champion. And today again I will say Thank You Roger Federer for inspiring us all and making us believe that it is all in our mind, we define our goals and achieve them.

In the end, I will sum up the match with this quote:

"All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible. " - Orison Marden

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