Novak Djokovic's Attitude : Fluke or Real?

2 Match Points down in US Open 2011:

4 Match Points down in FO :

Result : Same again and again!

Djokovic won against Tsonga and Federer to reach his first French Open Final where he will face his arch rival Nadal – just like 2011 FO SF!

Rather than going in detail about the matches, I will like to focus on a very important point: In both the matches, at match points, Djokovic was calm and fearless. It was as if he knew he was born to defy the odds. Infact it’s as if facing match points, he becomes more confident about himself.  I have till date never seen a more confident and relaxed player in pressure situations than Nole. Even Federer, Nadal- two of the greatest players in the history of tennis have been seen nervous and edgy under  pressure but not Djokovic.

When most of the players will try to play safe at crucial points, Djokovic loses all fear and goes for his shots with 100% confidence on his ability to make it through and forcing the other player to think what went wrong?  How many times, have we seen such a fearless display of tennis by any player facing match points? If it would have been just once, it can be termed as fluke but again and again Djokovic has proved that there is no better player than him to face crunch moments.

Even if we are fans of Federer, Nadal- we got to ask ourselves – who would we want to be playing for us in case our lives depended on it? Answer it honestly and atleast  I know my answer would be Nole.

What is it that makes Nole deliver again and again? I am no expert but in my analysis: let’s look at it this way - When it comes to the point where one decision can either make them  win or lose their  fight : 99 % of the times, people will try to opt for the safer option . And 99% of the times, people who opted for the safer option will regret their decision and wish what if they could have been more confident about their abilities?  1% of the times, people like Djokovic  have confidence in their abilities and think that we will as it is lose the match if we play safe based on our experience so why not play our shots and be positive. What is the worst that can happen? I will lose the match but that I have already experienced in the past playing safe so why not try differently?  In all probability, the opponent will  play safe so he will have more chances to win.

And the result is there for everyone to see. In real life too, playing safe is the most obvious option but if you want to achieve your dream, you need to take the next step: Believe in yourself and your ideas and play it out fearlessly and calmly. While others will be left wondering what just happened, you will march ahead writing your own destiny in an unimaginable way. 

As they say: Fortune favors the brave and I believe that’s what is exactly happening with Nole in present times!

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