Novak Djokovic and Effect of Competition

Are you afraid of competition in life?

Have you always been fearful of competent people coming up and sweeping you away from your position?

What if he is better than you? Can you even survive in today's world when the environment is so tough to live in?

If you come up with a yes in your minds, then welcome to my world. Believe it or not, we all are born with this feeling and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

These are real feelings that we all have inherent in our minds since our childhoods. Even when I have grown up, I still have those feelings. But then how do we get over them - a million dollar question maybe?

People who succeed will often agree the reason that they have moved up the ladder is because they knew how to better manage these feeling and instead of feeling threatened, they have actually gone and appreciated the important role of these individuals in their lives.

And there is no better example than sports in today's world to witness the impact of such thinking in the success of these individuals. And one such individual is Novak Djokovic. Having had one of the best seasons last year in tennis history, he started off the defense of his Wimbledon title today on Court No.1 in an impressive manner. He defeated Florian Mayer in straight sets ( 6-4, 6-1, 6-4) to move to second round of Wimbledon .

When I look at Djokovic, I look at an individual who has evolved as a player, champion and overall as a human being.

"Question to Nole:  What do you think Rafa has brought out of you?

Answer: I think both Roger and Rafa made me a better player.  They made me understand what to do tactically, mentally, against them when I’m playing in the later stages of a Grand Slam. "

And I personally think that answers my above fears completely. Next time you see someone better than you, then be happy about him as his presence will make you work harder to improve even more and who knows even take you to the World No. 1 in your world just like Novak Djokovic.

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