Del Potro- Sliced and Dropped by Federer & Knee!

After it looked like Federer was on his way out of French Open QF, he managed to convincingly make a comeback from 2 sets down for the 7thtime in his career, defeating Juan Martin Del Potro : 3-6, 6-7, 6-2,6-0, 6-3.

Del Potro came out looking like he was ready to repeat his 2009 US Open performance until the first game of of the third set where Federer upped his game and was favored by lady luck as Delpo’s knees started to give him a bit of trouble.  In the first two sets,  Delpotro was bludgeoning the ball and hitting winners with no answers from Federer. At one moment, for the first time we saw Federer shouting at the crowd to shut up and keep the noise down during the points! It was almost as Federer needed to get mad at himself and the crowd to get his motivation back! And Boy did he? As the third set began Federer was able to find his rhythm back hitting short slices and drop shots to ensure his second Grand Slam SF appearance in 2012.

Here are the match stats:

Match Stats
Del Potro
First Serve %
First Serve Points Won %
Second Serve Points Won %
Unforced Errors
Break Points Won
8 out of 18
4 out of 10

Clearly Federer was the better player today and deserved to win. Today when most of the people had given up hope and were pessimistic of Federer’s chances to win a 5 set match at the age of 30, he proved everyone wrong once again to show us that age does not matter when it comes to the will power of a player.

As someone has rightly said: Age is a mental barrier in the minds of others but not mine as with age comes a deadly weapon: Experience! And Roger Federer is a good example – ain’t it?

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