Can Roger Federer win his 17th GS?

Can he or Can he not?

After his SF loss in French Open, it seems like everyone has been asking this question about Roger Federer and his chances to win a GS. And it seems like most of the critics/fans are skeptical about his chances to win his 17th GS and Wimbledon 2012 in the presence of Nadal/Djokovic – the  younger\
heavier guns of this generation.After his impressive win today to reach his 32nd GS SF, the question is, Can he or Can he not?

Rather than answering the question directly, I will today like everyone to ponder about the following and then answer it yourself: 

1)  Which critic had thought at the start of 2011 that Novak Djokovic will emerge as the new World no. 1 in the presence of Federer/Nadal?

2)  Which critic had thought that Nadal will go on to win 7 French Open titles when he had won his first in 2005?

3)   What were the critic’s reaction when Nadal had supposedly not won a title (except French Open 2011) in 2011?

4)    Who had thought that Agassi will return to World No.1 and win 2 GS after age 30?

5)   Who had thought that Steffi Graf on her return from injuries will go on to defeat Martina Hingis to win French Open in 1999 and reach the finals of Wimbledon?

6)  Who had thought that Kim Clijsters had a chance to win US Open after her return in the presence of Serena Williams?

And the list is endless.

So only point which I think is relevant is what does Federer think about his chances? All those fans who are disheartened by the critics and analysts predictions, don’t worry as critics are not always right. If they would have been correct, don’t you think the above would have never happened or for that matter everyone would have been a billionaire following their predictions in stock market!

My answer for my initial question:

A man can go only  as far as he thinks he can” And so will Roger Federer!

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