Issues Related Transfer of Teacher

The Transfer of Teachers without completing their Tenure.


    Education is the basic need and right of all human beings. It plays a pivotal role in moulding a society to positive direction and putting it on the right track for development. In this connection the following sayings of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet are the great consideration.
“ Are those who knows and those who do not know are equal”

“O! Lord advance me in my knowledge.”

“Seek knowledge even if it be in China.”

“Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.

“Seeking of knowledge is the duty of every Muslim man and woman.”

            For imparting quality education, not only the curriculum, teaching methodology and environment is necessary but skilled, honest and dedicated teachers are also playing a pivotal role. If the teacher is devoted he can create a real educational environment through his untiring efforts in the limited resources.
       At present education in our country is facing serious problems of different nature. We are still passing through experimental stage. There are so many issues that are under heated discussion. We are still hesitant about the medium of instruction. We are also testing our examination system repeatedly. Most of the schools in government sector are without proper furniture. In some of the schools there is lack of teachers. In rural area the middle schools for girls are running only by two teachers.
    Every body in our country wants to promote education but the situation is going on the other way. In spite of great efforts our education is on the decline. It has numerous issues but here we would like to discuss only the one that is related to the transfer of teachers without completing their tenure. The transfer may be due to different reasons. It may be on the teacher’s own will or by the head of the institute.
The transfer issue may be discussed under three heads.

Cause of the teacher’s transfer.

Effect on different people.

Suggestion for improvement

           Different causes for the transfer of teachers without completing their tenure are as under.

         Appointments of teachers in remote area compel the teachers to make struggle for their transfer. Actually these teachers are away from their homes. They cannot reach in the time of emergency immediately. So it is their natural urge to get transferred without completion their tenure.

         The big difference between the house rents of the teachers is another cause for the transfer of teachers without completing their tenure. There is a great difference between the house rent and corporation and other areas.

      The unjust attitude of the principal make the teachers compel. If the teachers are working in an uncertain situation he cannot adjust himself easily. So he sees the only solution in transfer.

Security Problems

Most of the teachers are considering themselves insecure and unsafe in some of the areas. In the present situation it is very difficult to keep one’s job continuous if one is in the constant threat of death or kidnapping. Here I can quote the example of one of my friend who has been appointed as Subject Specialist in English at Adezai. He has been threatened thrice not to go for his job otherwise he will have to face hard consequences. He tried his level best for his transfer without completing his tenure.
Unfair Political Interference:
              On one hand some of the influential teachers have their vested interest in a Particular school. They use politician as their weapons and seek their transfer through their unfair interfere. On the other hand if someone is not liked by the political leader on account of his perusal dislikeness. They want to keep the teachers in constant tension and try to transfer him repeatedly without completing their specific period.
Specific Period
    Irregularity, inefficiency, moral corruption, embezzlement, uncultured and unsocial behaviour compels the head of the institute to transfer a teachers before the specific time.
  The following are effected very badly due to the transfer of teachers without completing their tenure.

      The most sufferers are the students from both the sides. It is very difficult to adjust themselves with new teachers.
It badly affects the studies of the students to a great extent. It takes time with the new method of teaching. Those Students whose teacher has been transferred or for whom the teacher has been sent are the most sufferers

The Effect on Teachers
    Untimely transfer of teacher not only affects the students but also the teachers themselves. The teachers cannot adjust themselves in the new environment easily. They feel themselves psychologically depressed and cannot teach with free mind in a congenial environment. It is very important for the teaching learning process that the teachers may be provided with tension free situation. The teachers can best utilize his potential if they remain away from other worries. In case they have been transferred to a remote place they will always be in the constant worries about their homes back.

Effect on the Institute Itself
    The success of an institution depends on the efficiency of teachers. They also play a vital role in the smooth running of an institution. It is very important for the successful running of an institute not to disturb its faculty. If a teacher is transferred without completing his tenure, the institution suffers a lot because on the one hand the substitute is not available to fill the gape. On the other hand, if the substitute is being provided, he will not be in a position to adjust himself in the new environment.

Effect on Society
     In the teaching learning process, society is also engaged to large extent. It is very necessary for the parents to keep a close contact with the school. If the teacher stays for a particular period, he will be in a position to develop certain kind of confidence. The parents can easily approach him. The teacher himself can trust on the society. He can shine his feelings. He can expose his problems for the people and then by mutual understanding and truth, both the society and the teacher find a solution, but his transfer before he develop a certain trust he will be like a rolling state.

    The following recommendations are given for the improvement regarding the transfer of teachers.
 Complete bane on teachers’ transfer before completion of tenure.
No relaxation will be given in bane.
No transfer without a genuine reason.
Criteria for transfer.
Avoidance of unfair political interference.
In time inspection by the education officer.
Proper coordination between teacher and the head of the institute.
Any problem of the teachers may be mentioned in their service book.
Justice from the Head of the institution.
 Teachers may be given nearest station for duty so that they may not try for untimely transfer.
Difference in house rent and conveyance allowance may be avoided.
There may be equal distribution of workload.  


·    Directorate of Education, Dabgari Garden Peshawar
·    Interviewing senior teachers
·    Meeting with the Heads / Principals of different institutions
·    Educational officers.


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