The Ice Cool Lendl Effect!

"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow."

It has been just 2 months since Lendl joined Murray Camp and what a difference he has already started to make. Andy Murray seems to have found a new self completely different from his older version. From the whining kid who used to shout more than the winners hit on the court, he has transformed into a calm and focused man. 

Breaking racquet or glass is the option tried out by many including Murray but courtesy Lendl  the most important lesson he has learnt is the ability to channelize his frustration to positive energy and vent it out in his game just like Djokovic/Nadal. No matter how tough his situation is, he now  tries to battle it out rationally rather than losing it.

And today was a perfect example of the above. Leading 5-2 in the match and serving for the set, Murray lost his serve for the first time in the match. Soon the scoreline read 5-5 and it was looking like Djoker was back again in the match. But Murray kept his cool never once showing his frustration and went on to win the set and match at 7-5.

Everyone who has been following Murray will agree- In today's performance what stood out the most was his approach and attitude. And there is no denying that  Ice Cool Lendl effect has started to rub upon this Scot in a positive manner. 

Not only Murray but there is one more person who will be smiling today after Djoker's loss- Rafael Nadal. Look out tennis fans, the season has been spiced up with Murray finally clawing his way back  to hopefully claim his first GS this year, Nadal working really hard in his one month break and Federer already proving that age is no barrier for his masterclass play. As for Djokovic, I am sure this one loss will ignite him even more to play his best in the next tournament.

All in all I will end with this quote from Lendl: "You have to keep your emotions level, whether in the stands or on court."Otherwise you can't make good decisions"-Ivan Lendl 

What do you think? 

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