Leadership skills 2

Skill necessary for a leader

1.       Character:  A leader should have a strong character  
4.        Built good relationship between co-workers
5.        Building Trust with them and Build trust between them
6.        Create the environment of Confidence between them
7.        Open to suggestion
8.        Acceptable as a leader
9,        Ready to sacrifice his own interest for the sack of others
10.      Understand responsibilities
11.      Open-minded
12.      Quick decision making
13.      To understand the problem of the people
14.      Communication skills
14.      Planning
15.      Organizing (utilizing the resources to reach the target)
16.      Implementing of the plan
17.      Getting and Giving Information on time
18.      Understand the need and Characteristics of group
19.      Knowing and Understand Group Resources
20.      Controlling people
21       Counseling
22       Setting the Example
23       Evaluation
24       Sharing Leadership
25.      Dynamic ready to lead every time
26.      Islamic leader is the man of words
27.      Respectful conversations: the leader know his feelings and the feeling of others 
28.      Model for the society
29.      Innovative
30.     Team Building
31      Accept challenge
32      Talent Acquisition
33.     Generosity
35.     Welcome to change
36       Humble 
37.      Listen to every one and act what is right
38.      be positive
39.      be fair
40.      Take ownership
41.      Always have a sense of priority in mind
42.      Self awareness: How do others see you?
43.      Coach your people
44.      Utilize team’s expertise
45.      Avoid getting caught up in unnecessary structure and process.
46.      Set and agree goals
47.      Measure success
49.      Get feedback
50.      Know the direction you are going
51.      Sphere of Influence / area of concern
52.     Confident
53.     Love and kindness for other
54.     Passion
55.     Self-knowledge: (who am I?)
56.     Maturity: (experience)
58.     Curiosity
59.     Embrace error
60      Encourage dissent
61.     Promoting collaborative problem solving and open communication

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