Roger Federer- The Last Link To The 90's?

Is it just me or everyone else also thinks the same? I was left wondering after Federer’s win in the QF against Juan Martin Del Potro today. Federer didn’t even seem to break a sweat in his QF match  at Australian Open (2012). 

Throughout the past few years, I have never seen Federer tired or stressed out during the match. His style of play looks so effortless. In the current game where power is the main factor in the shots of top players, here is a player who seemed to me the epitome of style and effortlessness.

Every now and then we hear of injuries to the players. Federer seems to be a class apart and rarely comes in the news for his injuries. Even his single handed backhand in the game full of double handed powerful backhands is a treat to watch. To me, Federer is the single link that remains in the game which has transitioned from the serve-volley era to the powerful down the line forehand/backhand winners.

Whenever I see Federer playing, he reminds me of the past era and the playing style prevalent during the 90’s.  During his US Semifinal match against Djokovic in 2010, he never showed any signs of tiredness. Believe me, it’s a lot of hard work to show a 3-4 hour match look so effortless and elegant. 

In the finals- both Nadal and Djokovic were exhausted after the match which was an exhibition of power hitting contest with long rallies. Federer lost the match but he is the only person who has defeated and again came so close to defeating the player of the year 2011- Djokovic.

I really don’t know how tennis will be in the absence of Federer, but one thing is for sure that we are really lucky to watch him play. The more he plays, better it is for tennis fans. With his goodbye, we can also unofficially call it an end of the one handed backhand shots in tennis.

Even people who are not his fans will have to agree that with him out of the picture, who will they talk about, criticize and have long discussions on the forums. Tennis will lose its charm and elegance for a lot of tennis fans. No matter how harsh it may sound but he has single-handedly kept the interests of the 90’s fans still alive in the game.

All in all, Life will not be the same once Roger Federer says adieu to the game! Is it just me or everyone else also thinks the same?

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