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What's the origin of the word plagiarism?
Plagiarism (from the Latin "plagiarius," meaning "a plunderer" or, an older term, "plagium," meaning "kidnapping," or possibly "plagiare," which is "to wound") is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one's own without adequate acknowledgement. (Wikipedia)
Plagiarism is commonly define as “the unauthorized or unacknowledged appropriation of the words, graphic images, or ideas from another person”
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“Though shalt not steal, but paraphrasing is ok” (Exodus 20:15, King James Bible, Teacher’s Edition)
 “The word began to be used in the English language sometime during the 1600s. While it originally meant to    literally kidnap someone, it gradually came to mean to pass off, in part of whole, someone else work as your own.” (The times of India article 7 May 2006)

Suggestions and strategies to eliminate it:
  1. Be aware of why students cheat.  By understanding some of the reasons students are tempted to cheat on papers, you can take steps to prevent cheating by attacking the causes
  2. Educate yourself about plagiarism
  3. Educate your students about plagiarism
  4. Make oneself educate the consequences of plagiarism
  5. need oral reports of student papers
  6. Ask students questions about their research and writing process
  7. Give them more in-class essay writing
  8. Disseminate  yourself with the basics of the research writing process, including the citing of sources
  9. Paraphrasing the idea is not enough until and unless proper cited
  10. Proofreading for the final version of your paper to ensure that all the sources you used are cited correctly
  11. Software's are also available in order to  detect  plagiarism  


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