3 Lessons from Basel: Federer, Nishikori & Djokovic!

Roger Federer won his 5thtitle and second of the year in his hometown Basel yesterday. He defeated the upcoming Japanese player Kei Nishikori in straight sets 6-1, 6-3. Lots of articles have already been written on Federer’s triumph. Let me take you all towards a different path and pen down the lessons that I have learnt from Federer’s hometown tournament last week:


Surprised? But before you think the opposite- it means pay 0% attention to people who don’t believe in you. After Federer’s failure to win even a single GS in a year since 2002, media has been inundated with articles of Federer’s time for retirement or how his age is a demotivating factor. Even in life, as you will rise in life and move ahead on the path of achieving goals, most of the times people will try to pull you back. But pay 0% attention to them and continue in your quest for perfection. Isn’t Roger Federer a great example!


There are times when you face hardships in life and feel that things are not in your favor, what do you do? 99% times we lose hope- That’s what we need to fight against- GIVE UP this feeling of helplessness, get up and give our best till the last moment!

Just 2 points away from losing the match Kei Nishikori from Japan fought back to win the match against player of the year- Djokovic. Though Djokovic’s shoulder was a worry, no one can take away the fact that it takes guts and tremendous self-belief to fight from 0-30, 4-5 down in the second set. Kei Nishikori has beaten a top 10 player 4 times this year: The future looks promising for Asia’s finest!


You think overexertion can make you achieve your goals early? Take a break and listen to your body-what is it telling you? Stop running in the rat race and the desire to achieve the best.  Djokovic’s shoulder again betrayed him second time this year. He played the entire tournament in pain and one just wonders whether it was a right decision or not? Listen to your body- if it is not 100% fit, there is no way in life you can achieve any goal no matter how big or small.

To end this article, let me quote Federer after his victory:  “I've got different priorities than some of the younger guys who are ranked around me, I needed to take that time off, it was best for my mind, my body, my family and my fitness. I want to be a danger everywhere that I play.”

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