Objects of our senses are real in their own right. Mind and external world are in interaction. Matter is prior to mind. Matter existed long before the mind become aware of it and it will continue to exist even when the mind ceases to exist. There is no mind without life and no life without matter.” The world is as it is, no matter what man thinks about it:

According to Aristotle, the real world is the world of sense and form(organization of ideas) and matter is inseparable. The exponents of this theory are Aristotle, Brondy, Herbert and Locke

Aims of education:

Realists place emphasis on “ character building” as an aim of education. It refers to regard to moral, social, religion, aesthetic, economic and political values.

The chief objective of education for realists is the good life I-g to except the challenge of life, to accept pain and pleasure as part and parcel of life. Not to be disappointed by the sorrows of life and not eb enjoy with happiness. When moderation is adopted in all works of life, the result will be good individual who will make up a good society.

The educative process:

The teacher:

According to realists, the teacher should posses the following characteristics:

1.               help students to lead a balanced life
2.               to develop their potentials
3.               to show regard to moral, social and religious values
4.               to give knowledge of the world
5.               help them to exercise self-control

The pupil

The individual personalities is formed by true principles
1.               Self-determination:

The individual himself is going to determine his place in the society. To think about his future decides about his job and perform responsibilities towards family, school and community

2.               Self-realization

Every individual realizes his potentialities and develops himself the qualities of character

3.               Self-integration

It means to integrate ones self in an intelligent way to the world to make ones contribution to life. Some integrate themselves through religion and some through social science.
There is no doubt that the individual has a unique mind, sometimes his actions are determined by outside forces. He has to learn to adjust with his environment.

The curriculum:

The purpose of curriculum will be to have mastery of information, to develop respect for values and to develop habits of logical thinking and hard work. Subject of study will include

i.                 Courses in natural sciences based on physics, Chemistry and Biology
ii.               Courses in social sciences based on Psychology. Philosophy, Literature, Biography and Religion
iii.             Vocational courses will include learning of skills

Methods of teaching:

1.               Problem solving and experimental methods are emphasized
2.               Importance is given to discussion, activity and audio-visual approach
3.               Motivation and interest will be essential parts of teaching

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