According to pragmatics all ideas will be accepted as true as long as they are useful and improving human life. It is critical of older system of philosophy. In part philosophy has made a mistake of looking for ultimate realities. Human life and human experiences are more important, according to pragmatists. With pragmatism philosophy shifted from metaphysical problems to the problems of social life. It is an acceptance of the experiences and facts of everyday life as fundamental. Reality is just what it is experienced as being ; it is flues or change.

 It is also called experimentalism and instructionalism, or, it believes in the sue of scientific inquiry and experimentation. All ideas will be used as instruments for human life. Supporters of this philosophy are Charles Peiral, Willam Jmaes and John Dewey.

Charles Peirce sometimes called the founder of pragmatism because in his article” how to make our ideas clear.” John Dewey is the chief supporter of this theory. To him experience is the whole human drama, and physical environment.

Aims and objectives

1.               Development of potentialities

The talent and ability of every individual should be developed

2.               Preparation of social life

Education will provide training for better social life

3.               Earn a livelihood

Education must prepare individuals such a manner that they are able to earn their living. Education should be useful for the individual

The education process

The student has a central place in teaching learning process

The teacher

1.               To act as a guide and leader, not to act as a disciplinarian or authoritarian
2.               To develop the potentialities of students
3.               To help students learn intelligently
4.               Teacher will be full of ideas and will plan the activities of students
5.               Teacher will be specially trained in the study of , child and adolescent development, child psychology, guidance and methods of teaching
6.               Teacher should not give direct instruction, but help students in a state of difficulty
7.               Freedom should be given to students to move about in the class

The pupil

1.               The student should not be passive partner in the teaching learning process
2.               They have mind, ideas and ability to shape in the learning experiences
3.               Their initiative and interest will be of permanent importance
4.               They will not memorize things but will do and create something
5.               Freedom of movement will be enjoyed by the students
6.               They should be encouraged to learn performing experiments
7.               Sufficient learning material should be provided and make available to learn by doing something

The curriculum

The curriculum should be activity based
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