Where There Is Djokovic/Serena, There Is A Way

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Written by: ApekshaHA on 16th August 2011

In my experience, I have seen myself and so many others giving up goals in their lives thinking of them as impossible:

Being at No.3 since 2007 and losing consistently to two players– considered amongst the greatest players of all time by many: Federer/Nadal - must have been frustrating and disappointing. Watching them dominate the world of Tennis, anyone would consider it impossible to win any Grand Slam or to acquire the Numero Uno spot. How do you get over that barrier?

Being at the top and dominating the game with no fear for 7 years, she was suddenly diagnosed with career and life threatening injury. It threatened to take away from her the thing that made her everything and that she loved since childhood. After a year's time off, she comes back to the tennis court and loses in fourth round of Wimbledon. And suddenly there are talks about new players coming up, end of an era, not being fit enough to sustain long matches and what not! How do you get over that barrier?

In both these situations, many would have lost hope and left it on fate, feeling they are just unfortunate to be born in such an era or unlucky to have such an injury! How does one get over that barrier?

Well, you just have to be Novak Djokovic/Serena Williams in your lives in order to overcome all these odds. Just imagine what if these players would have given up not trying. They wouldn’t have been able to achieve what they have:

Novak Djokovic:  9 titles, 2 Grand Slams, 5 Masters, 122 sets won, only 18 lost, 53-1 record and World No. 1 ranking ending the dominance of two of the greats - Federer/Nadal.

Serena Williams: After falling out of top 100, she came back and won back to back tournaments - Stanford and now Rogers Cup. From 175 to 31, she might land - probably by the end of season –in top 5 or as World no. 1 yet again.

It’s not that these players didn’t have hiccups in their journey. They are also normal human beings like us. Then what is the difference:

Mindset:  Never let others get into your head: It’s you who have to decide what your goals should be. Even if people don't believe you, it’s you who have to decide what you want. People will come, go and then come back again but your goals won't. People will be with you when you are at top one time, against you once you are down and then again with you at top!  It’s only family and true friends/fans who stick with you at all times. As Carl Lewis said “Scientists have proven that it's impossible to long-jump 30 feet, but I don't listen to that kind of talk. Thoughts like that have a way of sinking into your feet"

Attitude:  They say - it’s not the altitude but your attitude which defines your life! No matter what situation you are in - high or low - if you have attitude of not giving up ever and trying to reach your goals come what may, you are bound to succeed! Every human being is unique and has his/her own specialties so don’t compare with others. Carve your own way, work on yourself and grind it out. Don't ever ever ever give up no matter what!  I can guarantee you this that if you give up, you will never ever achieve what you are destined for. But if you don't, one day you will. Try your best and go for it!

And these two people are an example of the above two differentiators.That’s why I say where there is Djokovic/Serena, there is a way!

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