Steffi Graf,Serena Williams-A Lesson To Learn From The Champions!

As I sit and go back down the memory lane, I remember 1998, when Steffi Graf did not play due to her knee injury.Media at that time had written her off as Martina Hingis was the new kid and champ in the town.People and Media in 1995 (after the unfortunate incident of the cynical fan stabbing Seles), had just shrugged off at Seles comeback. And fast forward to 2011, Serena Williams also had to go through the same when people hinted that her era was over after her defeat in Wimbledon.

It's a natural tendency of human beings to hail the current champions and just announce to the world the end of the old. It's very easy to criticize and find out faults in one's game especially after an injury layoff. Most of the players are not able to make a successful comeback but few does!

What we forget is that people who do succeed in their comeback have already shown their supreme dominance to the world once before. They have already proved to the world that they are one of the greatest if not the greatest of all. So in nutshell, they know the formula of success. So it wouldn't be impossible for players to return to the game as a champion.

What separates these champions from others is: 
  1. Strong determination to achieve their goals.

  2. Belief in themselves to achieve the impossible.

  3. For them, everything is possible. They have done it once, so why cant they do it twice?

I for once never had doubts when Steffi was playing 1999 FO that she will not win  nor do I have any doubt in my mind that Serena will not make a strong comeback. Infact in a year's time, she will be back to her strong old self. Stanford did prove that! Well its just the beginning  for her. Already the people who had said she was done are announcing her to be US open favorite.

What I want readers to take from this article is that even in your life, no matter what people tell you or  if  you think(since you just faced the biggest hurdle of your life), you can't rise, Take a deep breath, close your eyes and remember these great players. If they have been able to achieve the impossible, SO CAN YOU. Steffi tried, Serena is trying right now and if only you can have that faith in yourself, your name can be the next in the list along with the greats! 

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