Novak Djokovic- Inspiration To All (Fans,Tennis Players And People All Over The World)

While everyone was busy talking about Federer/Nadal, how these two great players were invincible, one player was making efforts slowly to begin his new era. For 4 years he was No.3 in the world before finally figuring out his destiny.

Often in life, we face adverse situations and think that we don’t have it in us to achieve our goals. However, what we often forget is that nothing is impossible in this world. I have always said that sports can change an individual’s life. We can learn so many things from any sport that we like. I happen to like tennis and this past Sunday, I learnt the most important lesson in my life:

“No one is invincible. Everything is possible.”

Who would have thought at the start of the year that Novak Djokovic would be the player to beat (even by Federer/Nadal - two of the greatest in the game)? Very few I guess. Who would have thought that he will be number 1 by Wimbledon’11? None I guess. But here he is - World no.1, with 48-1 winning streak and 2 grand-slams this year.

Since Feb 2004, none of the current/former tennis players have been able to dethrone the kings of tennis - Federer/Nadal. Anyone in their position might have been demoralized and frustrated. After trying so hard to achieve their goals and after years of failure, they might have even given up. The truth is that most of them did. But Djokovic didn’t. What is it that sets Nole apart?

From my viewpoint, it’s simply two things:

Belief in Himself:  In spite of being defeated 30 times by Federer/Nadal in the past 4 years, he did not lose confidence in himself. In the words of Jack Welch, Belief is probably the most important trait of a successful leader. After years of failure to break into the top two, he did not give up and kept his belief in himself when others had lost in themselves. Obviously, to back up his belief he has put in a lot of hard work which everyone does too, but nowadays, Tennis has become a mental game too. That’s why Nadal is considered a master in this game. And this belief (when most of them don’t have it) that he can defeat the best, gave an edge to Nole.

Ability to Change:  The only constant thing in life is change. However clichéd this may sound, if you continue to improve, only then you can survive; and if you don’t, you can get obsolete. That’s what Djokovic has been doing since last 3 years; he has been continually striving to become the best. Trying out additional coaches and team members (Mark Woodforde, Todd Martin in the past, nutritionist responsible for his all famous gluten free diet) shows his dedication towards improvement. He is a perfect example of “turning his weaknesses into strength”. His forehand and serve have improved significantly. His health (allergies because of which he retired a couple of times at a grand slam) has improved. Not only in his play, but also in his manner on the court, he has grown from a whiner to a calm and composed player who has won hearts of millions now. This has happened because he was ready to try out new things and accept changes. In Nadal’s own words he has become “A player with no weaknesses”.

Come to think of it, this player has done the unthinkable and has given life to so many dead beliefs. He is now a symbol of hope, happiness, success, belief and inspiration to people in Serbia, to every tennis player and to all the people in the world. Consider the impact on the tennis world - Now everyone will look at Novak Djokovic- the person who did the impossible. This can be a bad sign for Federer/Nadal as everyone will now work with a renewed enthusiasm that if Nole could do it, so can we. But I am sure, the great champions that these two players are; they would leave no stones unturned to respond to the challenge. Overall it is a very good sign for tennis.

So the next time, when you have failed and are feeling low, remember not to lose belief and be ready to change yourself for the best. When that will happen, at the right opportunity, things will click in your favor (just like Davis Cup win in 2010 for Nole) and the result will be obvious: You will become Novak Djokovic in your life.

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