WWE SmackDown Review: June 24,2011

Today’s WWE Smack down took place at Giant Center – Hershey, Pennsylvania.
The show started with Teddy Long addressing the controversy regarding Capitol Punishment championship match and Christian again asking for a rematch. To get a chance, Christian was informed; he will have to defeat Kane in tonight’s main event.

Sincara vs. Ted DiBiase: The result was obvious from the start. Wasn’t it? Ted Dibiase against the High Flying Dare Devil! Sincara is one of the best athletes in WWE at present with some breathtaking high flying moves. He was able to outperform DiBiase with his agility. Sincara was wonderful; executing his moves to perfection and won an easy contest. It would really be an interesting match (next RAW episode) with Evan Bourne: two most agile and charismatic wrestlers up against each other.

Cody Rhodes and Daniel Bryan: It was retribution time for Cody Rhodes as he won in his match today against Daniel Bryan. Although he got lucky as Daniel Bryan leg got entangled in the rope while getting back into the ring after hitting Ted DiBiase (Codes former prodigy). Cody Rhodes took advantage of this situation and no wonder he was the winner. It was an average match with Ted DiBiase back in the camp of Cody Rhodes to revive his failing career.

Mark Henry:  We all saw what Mark Henry did to Big Show at Capitol Punishment and Kane at Power to People. It seems he was still not satisfied and hit Big Show again who was being interviewed at that time. I can see a potentially big rivalry growing up. I think the character they have built for R Truth in RAW; Mark Henry will be following on the same lines.

Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barrett: Even before the match started, while on his way, Jackson was attacked by Wade Barrett. But he lost the early advantage as Jackson regrouped himself and was back to his original self-form. As Wade tried for Wasteland, Jackson reversed the move and with torture rack, won the match thus successfully defending his title for the first time.

Randy Orton: In his interview, he said of Christian asking for a rematch as “Borderline Comical”. But even if Christian defeats Kane then, he will defeat him and the closest Christian will get to this title is when he will nail him with this again.
Backstage, Wade Barrett comes across Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel. They mocked him for losing to Jackson twice and said that they are going to go out there and do something he can’t – win.

Slater and Gabriel defeated The USO’s .Although I have to say the music and entry of USO’s was good but they could not repeat their performance again.

Jinder Mahal vs. Yoshi Tatsu- The match never happened as first Mahal and then Khali finished Tatsu. He said that Khali is done with kissing fat women and nothing can stop the eastern winds to reign the WWE world. And this domination will continue until his potential and superiority is recognized.

Kane vs. Christian: Kane was again a victim of Mark Henry’s wrath as he attacked him in between their match and thus Disqualification was called. So Teddy Long came and announced that Christian can redeem his championship opportunity by winning a tag team match against Kane and Randy Orton. Kane managed to lift Henry with one hand and slammed him down in the ring. Once Randy came in the ring, Christian intervened and managed to make Randy give him RKO. Unaware that Mark Henry had regrouped, Randy Orton was nailed with the World’s Strongest Slam and thus Henry/Christian won the tag team match. So again Christian got a chance to reclaim his title against Randy Orton.

Overall, an interesting 2 hours spent watching SmackDown. Don’t forget to see RAW on Monday with Shawn Michaels –The Showstopper.

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