WWE: Are we going to get PUNKed?....Again?

Really, Really, Really!

WrestleMania XXVII: The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin are called upon.
Over the Limit: Bret Hart is summoned
Capitol Punishment: Again Stone Cold
Next Week:  Shawn Michaels is back.

Isn't it looking like in every episode of WWE RAW there is almost one Hall of Famer being called upon to market their show? I just wonder!
On top of it, it was announced that CM Punk will be leaving WWE come 17th July.

Really Really Really!

There is a catch somewhere in this announcement or if it is true, I am sure WWE ratings will drop down considerably. The reason being simple:
There are only 3 Major Superstars present at this time in WWE which can carry the show singlehandedly on their shoulders: John CenaRandy Orton and CM Punk.

I have come from a time when I have seen superstars like Bret HartShawn Michaels, UndertakerStone Cold Steve AustinTriple HRock :STARS who carried WWE to a different level and made it a global phenomenon (and to think there were no Facebook, Twitter at that time!) . You  look at these Hall of Famers and realize that people were hell crazy about them, there were no trash talks, those were the times when historic rivalries were made (Bret Hart-Yokuzona, Undertaker –Mankind and so many others). The mere presence of one of these athletes in the arena made you feel overwhelmed.

Come today-you see around: You see stars like MizAlex Riley, Alberto Del Rio and so many others. These are good wrestlers but not someone who can meet the standards of their predecessors. They had charisma, authority, respect and fear in the eyes of their rivals as well as audience (If it was not the case, why would WWE keep on falling back to them to up their ratings? Interesting-Right)

Currently the only three players who I find even close to the Hall of Famers are: John Cena, Randy Orton and CM Punk.And to take away CM punk would be to deplete the already thin line of mega superstars, a disastrous move for WWE; something Vince McMahon will be fully aware of. In my opinion, it is just a story line being used to generate emotional interest amongst people. The message on twitter by Punk was the same he reported on live journal in 2005- when Ring of Honor was supposedly his last match and rest we all know is history.

CM Punk is amongst the most entertaining and charismatic personality in WWE. If he is allowed to leave, there will be only one superstar left in Raw and one in Smackdown. He has a big list of loyal followers (around 5 million followers on social media sites and so many others) and to lose them would be a huge business loss for WWE.

WWE cannot keep falling back on past Hall of famers to carry it around. They need superstars like Punk and rivalry like PUNK-CENA to go into history books. In my opinion :this is just a part of story line that writers have created and very soon who knows on 17th July or in Summer Slam- we might hear  “You have just been PUNKed”

(Disclaimer- These are my personal opinions and are not intended to hurt anyone's feelings. If you disagree, you are most welcome to discuss.)

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